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Top Best Press Release Distribution Service Companies

Press releases are very important for business growth. However, they can’t reach your targeted audience without getting distributed. Press release distribution services your content gets featured in journalist blogs, top media articles, and social media. This, in turn, boosts your brand’s visibility online.

Here is a list of 5 top best press release distribution service companies recommended by PR experts.

Linking News

Linking news is ranked as the number one press release distribution service company by goodmenproject.com.

It is a trusted press release distribution agency with over 10,000 media and news sites world over. Linking news has a broad network of 900,000 journalists, 330,000 publications and 90 million social media influencers.

Notably, linking news ensures there is no mention of a third party in your press releases. This is done through the white label press distribution service.

Apart from content written in the English language, linking news also deals with Chinese content. It has 2000 main Chinese outlets.

With Linking news, you’re 100% guaranteed that your press release will appear on top publications like the USA Today, Yahoo, Market Watch, ABC, NBC, and FOX.

Linking news is simple to use. All you need to do is choose your package, create and submit your press release then sit back and smile as your press release gets distributed all over the globe.

Globe-News Wire

Globenewswire specializes in the distribution of corporate press releases, financial disclosures, and multimedia content. With Globenewswire, content gets to 10k media outlets and more than 1 million community experts.

Globenewswire has 6000 databases, websites, and online services. Most importantly, their professional editorial staff offers editorial support so that the content in your press release meets journalistic standards and looks appealing, clear and informative to your potential clients.

Also, Globe News wire offers translation to other languages where necessary. This ensures maximum engagement with prospective clients, investors, and media in general.

PR Web

PR Web is a highly rated press release distribution service provider with over 20 years of experience in press release distribution. It is very much affordable. With as low as $99, you get your press release edited and distributed.

PR Web is ideal for new companies that want to target a specific group of clients through industry publications, social media networks, search engines, and targeted media sites. It has a wide size distribution. Press releases reach over 30,000 journalists and bloggers.

Interestingly, PR Web offers 24-7 editorial support to its customers. Their professional staff offer content proofreading and professional review of press releases before distribution.

With PR Web, you are assured of 100% search engine visibility in all major search engines.

Business Wire

Business Wire is a press release distribution service company based in the United States. It distributes press releases for investors, fiscal markets, bloggers, websites, social media, and other platforms. It has 18 newsrooms globally.

Business wire offers a wide range of solutions ranging from web hosting, distribution, intelligence, design, webcasting, analytics, and investor engagement. Customers have the option to choose an area, state, keywords, and topics during their press releases to suit their needs and budget.

In addition, customers are given a chance to pre-schedule a press release if need be. They are also provided with clear reports about their press releases.

Market Wired

Market wired offers worldwide analytics, press release distribution, social media monitoring and professional proofreading of content before it’s distributed.

Social media monitoring helps press releases get to potential clients at the right time.

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