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Top 7 Online Shopping Stores for Women in India


Shopping is an activity in which a customer or a buyer browses and searches the available products and services at a particular store or is provided by a marketing person. Earlier, the shopping was done via an offline mode. A customer or a buyer used to visit a store or a shop, look and explore different products and brands and then buy the product as per the necessity. The current trend of online shopping and browsing on a smartphone or tablet screen has drastically and exponentially changed the minds and routine traditional buying mentality in maximum people. As per the studies, around 70% of the Indian population are more fantasized and comfortable using the online mode of shopping.

All kinds of products and goods are available like electronic goods, groceries, clothing and accessories, beauty products, kitchen accessories, and many more. Specifically talking about the women, beauty products, separate kitchen electronic goods and appliances, and home décor items are the significant shopping criterion for the maximum population.

Online shopping can be defined as an activity of the customer buying or purchasing products and services by a mode on the internet. It is mainly done through online websites and applications. They are convenient real-time mode for the population busy with hectic schedules and cannot physically visit a shop to buy the products. On an online mode, you cannot physically see the item before payment but can have a variety of similar products to compare and opt for variety.

Online Shopping Stores for Women in India


The article mainly focuses on the best 7 online stores that are best for women to buy in India.

The top 7 stores are as follows.

Store 1- Amazon

Amazon is ranked among the best online shopping in the women’s section with different products and brands like clothing, beauty products, personal use, and other home and kitchen décor sectors. The platform provides many brands with different categories like color, price range, quality and quantity, the color of the products, and many more. The platform also provides major discounts to the customer at a minimal rate, which is advantageous if the customer is a prime member or has Amazon Reward cards. The platform also provides discounts on special flash or Amazon festival sales, which enhances and attracts women customers more. For more information, visit

  • Pros- the major advantage of this platform is it is very versatile, featuring about all the products at one whole solution like beauty hub, clothes sections, personal care, footwear, kitchen electronics and accessories, and in the décor section.
  • Cons- The major discounts are only availed by the prime membership or one who avails the Amazon Reward cards.

Store -2 Flipkart

The second most rated online platform for women to shop online products under the different categories is Flipkart. Flipkart is majorly known for kitchen electronics and home décor more. As per the studies, the platform is less utilized in the clothing and footwear categories by women. The discount deals are available on the platform. Major discounts and other availability of the products can be viewed on the website

Store-3 Snapdeal

Snapdeal is an online platform famous for the clothing and latest accessories like necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry products. The brand has the latest designs and fashionable products with different designs, fabrics, and colors. The official website for the platform is

  • Pros- discount available on most of the products
  • Cons- the platform only has a clothing and accessories section.

Store – 4 Meesho

Meesho is another online platform ranked by women in clothing, accessories, and beauty products. The platform serves a huge amount of discounts and also has a huge variety of products. The official website is

  • Pros – the variety of products and pocket friendly
  • Cons – only have a clothing and accessories section.

Store – 5 Myntra

The Myntra online store is all for fashion and accessories, and the online platform is famous for the latest brand, designer clothing, and other accessories. The platform also avails the home décor products, which is also a section that attracts women. The platform serves the best footwear categories with different filters. The official site for the platform is

  • Pros- almost all the women accessories under one roof and online shopping deals  are also available by claiming the Myntra coupons 2021.
  • Cons- electronics and kitchen accessories are not available.

Store – 6 AJIO

AJIO is the online shopping store affiliated with the reliance company, especially for the clothing and accessories sections like footwear, beauty products, and handbags. The platform offers a large number of discounts and Ajio coupons 2021(ajio coupons 2021) facilities with categories and filters. The brand is also known as one of the latest brands for clothing purposes. The official site for the brand is

  • Pros- almost all the women accessories in the one roof and discount offers are also available.
  • Cons- electronics and kitchen accessories are not available.

Store-7 Nykaa

Nykaa is a leading brand and online platform specifically for beauty products that women essentially rank. The online store provides a variety of brands and products in cosmetics and beauty enhancers for women. The products have large discounts on cosmetics. The official site for the store is

  • Pros- large variety and discount available
  • Cons- only cosmetic products available.


The online stores mentioned above in the articles are known to be for women’s requirements. The trend of online shopping has increased due to the exciting discount offers and variety in the products. Day by day, traditional shopping has been replaced by the major online shopping platforms by the major population of India.

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Ann Castro
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