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Top 5 Welding Tips

Welding is one of the few industries that are growing so fast in the society today. Over the years, there has been increased need for art materials more especially in the construction industry. However, to be a successful welder, you need to have some skills and training. Actually, precaution is a key factor when doing a welding job.

This article will present to you the CLAMS (Current setting, Length of arc, Angle of travel, Manipulation of the electrode, and Speed of Travel) welding tips that are very common with Stick welding.

Top 5 Welding Tips

Current Setting

Being an exceptional welder takes sacrifice and effort. Most importantly, that is why choosing the right type of current should come first; taking in consideration the type of electrode you have in hand. You may decide to apply a DC or AC current. Again, the type of current one chooses has to be dictated by the diameter of an electrode.

Particularly, a skilled welder needs to use the thumb rule when deciding the type of amperage to use. Otherwise, expect difficulties if a wrong current setting is applied.

Length of Arc

A competitive welder will always emphasize on the importance of arc length. Generally, length of arc is simply the distance between electrode tip and the part to be welded. For instance, a qualified Metal Fabricator will keep this distance in mind in order to avoid stubbing out. Another important aspect is to make sure arc length does not go beyond the metal portion of the electrode. Otherwise, you may come up with spatters, undercuts, and low deposition rates.

Angle of Travel

Welding is pure art which needs one to take note of positions and angles. When welding, one should drop the work angle to approximately 5 ° or 15 °. After keeping this angle, push in the direction you are welding.


Being unique in every you do in life is important. Welding should not be an exception too. Weld an electrode in a way that is different from others. Importantly, perform it carefully to avoid a work that looks scaly; like a fish. With a unique manipulation, you are likely to produce a presentable work that is likeable by everyone. It’s all about joking around with creativity and art.

Speed of Travel

Like in travel angle, here extremes cause dirty work. Excessively high or extremely low travel speeds produces undesired contours that can possible lead to crowned or convex beads, and undercuts. The best travel speed should be approximately 5 to 60 inches per minute. Apply slow speeds to only heavy and thick walls. Lastly, even with the right travel speed, consider adjusting heat so that you can produce a clean work.

Welding is a field that requires real skills. While others do welding as a profession, you can do it as a hobby because it is very rewarding. To be an exceptional welder, consider putting some tips into consideration to produce a clean and presentable work. Stick welding being the most common type of welding, these tips are necessary; Current setting, Length of arc, Angle of travel, Manipulation of the electrode, and Speed of Travel.


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