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Top 5 Technological Predictions

The world of technology is ever evolving, and we will always have trends at any point in the history of the world. The good thing is that none of these will ever come to us as a surprise. They normally take a long period of hard work, experiments, trials, and some other processes before they are declared good for the end user. Presently, there are predictions about the turns that the field of technology will take in the near future, and we will take a look at the most significant.

Technological Predictions

  • Quantum, 2 in 1, And Cognitive Computing

The arrival of the amazing quantum tools is already imminent. The report is that lots of quantum scientists are already working on the project, and it will soon see the light of the day. It will involve a set of computers that will have more than double the processing speed of the present day systems. They will be able to process information and other things within Nano-seconds, in such a way that the speed of computing will be tripped. Another thing is that breaking down of standard encryptions like we have today will only take them days. These may be with us by 2030.

While the quantum machines are being expected, the 2 in 1ns are also being expected. Because innovations never cease and because PC vendors cannot innovate on the old clamshell laptop design, they are looking into the 2 in 1 computer sets in the future. The units will be designed like tablets, but will also come with a detachable keyboard. There is also the possibility of the ‘convertibles’ that are to be designed just like the old laptops. But their screen will be touch and they will also have detachable keyboards.

With the announcement from IBM and the efforts of many vendors, we will be seeing cognitive commuting coming into the mainstream very soon too.

  • Cloud Computing Takeover

One of the most prevalent technological inventions is the use of cloud for storage and processing of data and information. The prediction is that by 2020, the cloud will take 60% of the entire activities on the IT world. By this, the effect and essence of chips and other physical storage devices will be destroyed, while cloud and web will be the preferred place of storage for data. This also presupposes a more solid system of encryption like that block-chain based security as explained in

  • Self-Driven and Smart Cars

The self-driven vehicles are actually on their way, and the world will be ready to embrace them by at least 2025. These cars will be driven by no human being, even when they are carrying people inside them. But before the arrival of these new things, people will double their demand for cars that can use Google’s Android Auto, Apple’s CarPlay, Google map, and similar features.

  • Artificial Intelligence Takeover

The entire world is gearing up to what artificial intelligence will offer us when it comes here. But the anticipation is that we willsoon be in a situation where this will be part of everything we do. Firm will employ it to a very large extent in their activities.

Technological Predictions

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Take Over

We are seeing snippets of what Virtual Reality can do in gaming, medical line and some other areas. The truth is that the future of technology lies in the artificial and augmented reality in many angles, and we expect to have them at the center of a lot of things very soon.

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