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Top 5 Features Of Multi-Level Marketing Software

You’ve probably heard the term multilevel marketing (MLM) and it’s likely you’ve even purchased something through this type of software without realizing it. MLM software is a type of tool that helps you manage your customers and products. It lets you check the amount of online sales you’ve made, see what each individual shopper purchased, and it manages all the affiliate links you use on your website. If you use affiliate links to earn any residual income, you need MLM software.

Top 5 Features Of Multi-Level Marketing Software

MLM business plans let you sell everything from books and makeup to clothing and electronics. Not only do you make money when someone buys from you, but you also make money when a member attached to your account makes a sale. The more people you have in your lines, the more money you can make. You can even reach the point where you simply recruit people to sell without selling a single thing yourself.For more information about MLM software read  ByDzyne review.

One of the hottest ways to make money today is through e-commerce platforms. You no longer need to stock hundreds of products in your office or home. With affiliate marketing, you can set up links on sites that draw traffic. When customers purchase through those links, someone else packages the products and sends you money. You can integrate MLM software to make it easier for shoppers to buy from you. These affiliate links can also help you find customers willing to buy products that you already have in stock. With MLM software, you can easily keep track of the sales made through your affiliates and view how much of that money goes into your account.

Automated Payment Gateways

PayPal is a common way people make online purchases. Shoppers know that they can pay with a linked credit card or bank account. MLM software acts as a payment gateway that does all payment processing for you, whether customers use PayPal or other forms of payment. You can set up MLM software to work with both e-pin and e-wallet methods. Shoppers can make a purchase and know that their data is secure. With an e-pin, you can let them register for a new account, too. This software is compatible with PayPal and any other payment methods you want to use.


MLM software also takes the guesswork out of reporting. It gives you real-time reports that allow you to see purchases made up through the last hour. You can analyze these reports and use the graphics that are available to help you interpret the data. This makes it easy to see where your traffic comes from and how you can improve your down and up lines.

Automatically-generated reports can also suggest when you need to add more people to your group. Once you’ve added people, these reports can show you whether some people in your group need more.


As useful as MLM software can be for you, it’s even more useful for your customer base. Customers can create tickets that explain any problems they experienced and let you know how to get in touch with them. Those service tickets can include an email address or a phone number.

MLM software also lets customers leave messages on your forums. If you want to respond quickly to any complaints and negative remarks, you’ll like knowing this software can help by alerting you when someone has left a comment. Another useful feature of this type of software is a FAQ section that includes answers to customers’ most frequently asked questions. Messages can include status reports, protection from spam messages, time and date stamps, feedback, and attachments. When you respond to questions and comments quickly, it lets shoppers know that you’re a real person and that you care about them.

User Management System

Another top feature of MLM software is that it comes with built-in user management systems. When you sign up new affiliate members and give them access to the software, they can use it to create their own sites that will put money in your pocket as they make sales. They can integrate their own sites to include links to their social media sites and a photo gallery that shows some of the products available for sale. New users can also add promotional information, testimonials created by shoppers, and videos that encourage visitors to shop. You’ll also have space for a blog that can draw traffic to your site via keywords.

MLM software can also make setting up and updating those sites easier. Most MLM solutions include tools that make it easy to navigate and provide users help with editing or updating their pages. When you encourage members of your network to include their contact information, you can easily reach everyone in your lines. Communication tools included in the MLM software lets you send out quick updates to all users at the same time. This comes in handy when you launch a new promotion that will help your users make more money as they make more sales.

Multiple Plans

Any MLM business plans will include both a down line and an up line. This refers to all the members and users, regardless of their position in the program. To make your business as successful as possible, you need to know how to update and change your affiliate marketing business structure if necessary. MLM software includes options that make it easy for you to remove old members who no longer make sales and add new users who are excited about your business. All users can view the counts attached to each line and see how close they are to hitting their bonuses. Offering bonuses and gifts are a great way to get people selling for you.

Successful MLM plans rely heavily on marketing. You need to know how to get the name of your business out there, which will help you make sales and attract people who want to start programs of their own. You make money based on the sales that you make as well as the sales that people in your line make. Though you can succeed without using this type of software, MLM software makes it much easier. This type of software can help you grow your business and manage all aspects of your customer base as well as your up and down lines.

Selecting Multilevel Marketing Software

Now you’ve realized the potential MLM software can bring, you may wish to evaluate solutions. Software comparison websites, such as, enable you to do this with ease via filters such as features, pricing and customer reviews.

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