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Top 5 Best Online Tutoring Websites

In the current scenario, no one is interested in using obsolete technology; everyone is keenly interested in using the updated technology available to everyone worldwide. The usage of technology also has a greater impact on the education system. The scenario has been entirely changed regarding how a student grabs the knowledge.


Earlier, when there was no facility available, kids used to go to school to learn new things. Still, as of now, if the student cannot understand something taught in school, they can easily take the help of the online classes available to them. There are many doubt sessions arranged specially for those who find some difficulty in understanding a particular topic. Many institutes arrange experts for significant topic for deeper knowledge which helps students in creating a great interest for a subject.

The students nowadays can get connected to one of the finest teachers available to them by sitting in the comfort of their respective homes. Everyone can get help through these sites apart from their regular school courses. For example –learning a foreign language, communication skills, etc.

Following are the five websites which are best for online tutoring

  1. Justlearn

Justlearn is an online language learning platform which helps the worldwide students to connect with one of the foremost teacher available. In this century, many people wish to go abroad for their further studies or to pursue a job, for that it is mandatory in some countries to learn and write the respective country’s respective language.

Therefore, for this reason, justlearn helps students located anywhere to get the best learning experience. Justlearn has teachers who would communicate and teach the students in the language they are comfortable in. Therefore, it becomes easier for students to learn the tricks of learning a new language.

One-on-one lessons would help the students to grasp the knowledge at their pace, which would have a huge positive impact on their minds.

  1. Chegg

Chegg is an American based Ed-Tech company that helps students with online tutoring, renting textbooks, and other services. It has almost 3 million subscribers. It helps the students in getting help for studying various subjects such as math and various other subjects.

They help students learn new things with a very low cost, which would help those students who have financial problems at their home. When education becomes affordable, many more students would automatically get attracted to it to learn new things.

  1. Etutorworld

It helps students of K-12 for the online learning experience. The teachers who teach here are well experienced and well educated to teach them according to their caliber. The teachers over here are well trained and have certifications in their respective fields.

With the help of Etutorworld, students get regular work plans and practice sheets to make the study more beneficial. Proper feedback is given to students regularly so that the teacher and the student can work on the shortcomings that he has.

It is also very convenient for those students who have a hectic schedule because here they can set the time and date according to their wish and availability. Here, the tutors act as mentors to make the teaching and learning process hassle-free.

  1. Khan Academy

It is a nonprofit educational organization that helps to learn new content free of cost. They make videos of different topics in such a way that it is short and precise for students to learn new things prominently.

It also provides additional practice sheets for students, making a student perfect in the topic he is learning. The students can watch the videos in their free time according to their time table without any additional payment, due to which many of the students can take advantage of it in a better manner.

  1. Preply

It is an online educational platform that merges students with their respective tutors through the online chat. It is a platform where students can learn 27 different languages according to their needs.

Nowadays, wherein the opportunities are increasing in abroad also, students can easily learn the new language with the help of this

Above mentioned were some of the best online tutoring websites.

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