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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical industry has embraced the mission of saving lives, treating diseases, and preventing health hazards. Companies that belong to this line of work are licensed to professionally conduct research and develop curative products that will contribute to the field of medicine. They generate drugs, topical medicines, injectables, etc. for health care purposes.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies

Although their study covers an expansive scope, their work is still subject to the laws and regulations implemented for safety, proper distribution, and public welfare. The research and drug development cost a huge amount of money but only a portion of the entire job done is approved to be regulated for human consumption and improved quality of life.

Nonetheless, the industry has helped society and countries to thrive and survive.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies

How do companies and businesses operate and manufacture the products they market and distribute? Like other enterprises, pharmaceutical manufacturing involves the step-by-step process of producing medicines and other related items.

Fermentation, chemical synthesis, weighing and dispensing, liquid separation, filtration, compounding, granulation, drying, milling, blending, compression, dosage-form manufacturing, and many others. Ginhong provides pieces of machinery convenient and effective for the different processes to be undertaken.

Leading Pharmaceutical Companies

We have looked up the leading pharmaceutical companies in 2019 according to their own revenue of pharmaceutical segment for the previous year 2018. Several websites have published their own rankings as well, but we have referred to ProClinical’s list of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around the world.

1.   Pfizer

2018 Revenue: US $53.7 billion

Pfizer is considered the largest giant in the pharmaceutical field. Its headquarters is located in Connecticut, USA. It had a moderate revenue growth yet it was very accomplished in the past year. One of its successes is the receipt of multiple FDA approvals specifically in oncology. Also, the company’s chart-topping products were granted plenty of years for franchise protection.

2.   Roche

2018 Revenue: US $45.6 billion

 Some lists do not include Roche, but this Swiss company is said to be the second enormous pharmaceutical company. It has a broad-based portfolio and is entitled as one of the world’s supreme providers of clinically diverse medications. Roche focuses on neuroscience, oncology, ophthalmology, immunology and a lot of infectious illnesses. This company has been grouped in the primary leads of cancer research and treatment.

3.   Johnson & Johnson

2018 Revenue: US $40.7 billion

 Aveeno, Listerine, and Neutrogena are products extensively patronized by millions of families over the years. These are manufactured by one of the Top 3 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, Johnson & Johnson. Founded 130 years ago, this enterprise has firmly built its brand not only in many households but also in the hearts of its consumers. Because of its high-quality and effective products, these people keep coming back for more.

4.   Sanofi

2018 Revenue: US $39.3 billion

 Sanofi settles down on the 4th position. It is a French pharmaceutical company that offers healthcare solutions, manufacturing excellence, and advanced innovations for its clients. General medicines and emerging markets lead to the high revenue of Sanofi. Specialty care, vaccines, consumer healthcare, and treatments and procedures for diabetes and cardiovascular contributed to its 2018 overall sales as well.

5.   Merck & Co

2018 Revenue: US $39.7 billion

 Merck clinches the fifth spot on the list. Also known as MSD, this American pharmaceutical company takes pride in immuno-oncology clinical research. It has been operating for 125 years now. Merck aims to provide access to the best medical treatments and vaccines not only for humans but also for animals. They swear to invent for life!

6.   Novartis

2018 Revenue: US $34.9 billion

 Novartis is a pharmaceutical company located in Switzerland. The company’s focus covers clinical medicine and treatments for areas such as neuroscience, oncology, respiratory, immunology, and dermatology. With that, they provide cell and gene therapy, expand access to healthcare, offer solutions to medical establishments that treat diseases.

7.   Abbvie

2018 Revenue: US $32.8 billion

 Abbvie, a biopharmaceutical American company still makes it to the Top 10 this year. Its 2018 revenue statistics has increased by 16.2% as compared with that of 2017.  Research-driven, it aims to treat illnesses and great a huge impact on its consumers’ lives. They have been developing new approaches, techniques, and solutions to diseases that range from chronic conditions to terminal illnesses.

8.   Amgen

2018 Revenue: US $23.7 billion

 Based in California, Amgen concentrates in furthering unconventional human therapeutics. This American biopharma works primarily on the following areas: neuroscience, oncology, bone health, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and nephrology. They believe in an approach called “biology first.” Amgen studies the most intricate parts of biological mechanisms in order to discover therapies that will free people from the illnesses they suffer from – believing that the cure is within each individual.

9.   GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

2018 Revenue: US $23 billion

 This British pharmaceutical company has a distinct channel of transformational drugs. GlaxoSmithKline is most successful in providing therapy for the HIV virus or AIDS in the respiratory area, and production of vaccines. It believes that it is a science-driven healthcare company that goals to improve and prolong lives.

10. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)

2018 Revenue: US $22.6 billion

 Finally, the company which made it to the final spot and a new entry is the Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). It is an American global biopharmaceutical located in New York City. In the promotion of health equity, they were inspired to build a sustainable conduit of developing therapies. Four areas include cardiovascular, fibrosis, immuno-science, and oncology.


Let us give high regard for the companies that serve humanity through working on multitudinous studies, research, inventions, innovations, advancements, discoveries, etc. in order to leverage human existence and improve the quality of life. There are a lot of threats that impede a normal and abundant life, but knowing that the pharmaceutical field operates day and night can encourage us to give a big sigh of relief. Now, let’s do our part – live a healthy lifestyle!

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