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Top 10 Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Humans are social creatures and have always valued the importance of friends in their lives. To commemorate the importance of this beautiful relationship, called Friendship, the US Congress in 1935 declared the first Sunday of August as Friendship Day and a holiday, as well. This beautiful idea of celebrating friendship, the most valuable man made relationship was joyfully accepted by most of the countries. Since then, this day is celebrated with great zeal and fervor across the world on every first Sunday of August, each year. This year, the day falls on the 6th of August.


There has been an age old tradition of exchanging gifts on this day. However, to save you from the trouble of searching a perfect Friendship Day gift for your friends, Gift ease has come to your rescue. The website is a well-known and trusted name in the online gifting industry that offers unique and exclusive gift items for all occasions at affordable prices.

Flowers are the most in demand Friendship Day gifts. Presenting fresh and fragrant yellow roses is considered to be an important tradition on this day of friendship. Check out their unique range of fresh and fragrant flowers.

Chocolates are also one of the most sought after Friendship Day gift options. Who doesn’t like chocolates? And when the occasion is related to friendship, what else can beat the sweetness of chocolates, candies and confectioneries?

Friendship day gifts-giftease

Personalized posters are also in great demand for Friendship Day as they are so affordable yet very attractive. The best part about posters is that they can be framed as well. You can also customize mugs, coasters or T-shirts.

Greeting cards never go out of fashion and when it is a recordable greeting card, there is no doubt about it. You can record a beautiful message in your own voice and send it across to your friend, this Friendship Day. This will undoubtedly be the best Friendship Day greeting card, your friend has ever received.

How about adding a pinch of fun, this Friendship Day? You will find a unique range of quirky gift ideas online. These include funny T- shirts, coasters, cushion covers, funny stationery and utility items, and more.

Personalized Gifts for Friendship day

You can also gift gadgets and accessories to your friend on Friendship Day. These will definitely depend upon your budget. But, you have even low budget options like mobile cases, laptop cases, iPad covers, and so on.

Party games and accessories can also be presented to your best friend on the occasion of Friendship Day. These include drinking games, dart games, playing cards, foosball etc.

The best part about posters is that they can be framed as well. You can also gift personalized coffee mugs with names, coasters, or custom t-shirt with picture.

And if your friend happens to be a girl, handbags and sling bags are some great options. Girls are crazy about their collection of bags. Nothing can make them happier than a classy new handbag!

Similarly for boys, I believe bar accessories are the most wanted possession.

Scents and perfumes are another great Friendship Day gift options.

Wish all the friends out there a very Happy and Rocking Friendship Day in advance!

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