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Tools You Need To Know For Content Promotion

From year to year, the number of users of the World Wide Web is growing. The Internet turns into the main source of information, which, as a result, leads to a dynamic development of advertising in it. New Internet marketing tools are constantly appearing, both paid and free. About the best of them for today, we will tell in this article.

Tools You Need To Know For Content Promotion

At a certain stage of development, each company faces a problem – how to promote its product. For each company, the set of tools can be different, some companies can use the tools and successfully develop, and other companies will only bring the same tools losses or at best be ineffective. Ideally, every company should work with all channels of digital marketing and choose the most effective set. So, we consider the main tools:

  1. SEO Services

The process of obtaining traffic from “free”, “organic”, or “editorial” search results in search engines.

Correct SEO Services are slow and long-term tool that gives natural results. You should work with the technical part: optimizing the site architecture, working with HTML and links, and with content that not only increases your search rankings but also creates trust in your product and company.

  1. Quuu

A social network that helps automate marketing. The application generates “manually created” and user-approved posts on social networks. You need to connect it to the Buffer account, select the topics that you would like to post to. And there are more than 300 of them in the application. You can choose automatic posting or preview the offered posts by e-mail. The service saves considerable time. There are a free fare and a premium account for $ 10 per month.

  1. Panda 5

News aggregator. At the same time, you can view several news sites. And if you read a lot of sources at once, then this service will save your time. News can preview or save the recording of the shared tape. You can go through Twitter. There is a free version for $ 4.99 per month.

  1. Zest

The application generates useful articles about marketing. Works as an extended tab for Google Chrome. You can select the tags that are most relevant to you. There are 29 different themes. For example, tools, metrics, email, content and others. You can also offer your articles.

  1. Yotpo

The tool allows you to collect relevant customer photos in Instagram and displays them in one panel. To the selected photos you can put a tag and even manage the copyright (directly interact with the user). You can also make purchases in the chronicle. The platform greatly simplifies the long process of searching for images manually. Only a paid account is available.

  1. Refind

The application allows you to re-open the links that you have saved. You can also view the saved links from friends. It works as an extension to the browser.

There is a remarkable option Read Soon: when you see an article in the browser, you can simply click this button, the link will automatically be saved in the browser. The service is free, there is a mobile application for Android and iOS.

  1. Adobe Spark

Web application (in the form of a graphics editor), which simplifies the creation and editing of images and posters for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram. Also with its help, you can create simple and stylish graphics images, web pages in the format of long rides and video. You can register via e-mail address, Facebook or Google account. A version is available for the browser and for iOS. The application is free.

  1. Rocketium

The application allows you to turn text and images into beautiful videos. Works as an editor in the browser. Video can be created in three simple steps: add captions and content, upload images or videos, select a ready “theme” for the video, animation or liked fonts and music. You can change the image size (horizontal, square), all other elements will automatically adjust to the selected size. Mobile version is available. There are free fare and are charged for $ 10 and $ 25.

  1. Pixabay 2.0

On this site, you will find free pictures and videos for your content. Here are placed more than 790 thousand high-resolution photos and illustrations. All pictures are distributed under the Creative Commons (license CC ), which means that you can freely use them for any purpose (with some exceptions ). The site has a list of categories: animals, nature, people, technology, business, finance, education, emotions and much more.

  1. Gifs

With the help of the application, you can create GIF-animations. You can upload videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or use live video: Facebook live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitch. The application will quickly turn it into a GIF using its web application. The editor will prompt you to create a title, signatures, labels and apply effects. The application is free.

  1. CalendarX

This is a task manager in the form of a calendar. You can share the calendar with other users. If you subscribe to your calendar, you can collect information about these users. Only paid accounts are available: the minimum is $ 7 per month.

Author- Joel House is founder of Joel House Search Media, Australia favorite seo company. He is helping small and medium scale business from long time. He like to deliver results rather than just working.

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