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Tips to buy products from Auction House Japan if you are not Japanese

Well, there are a number of products which you may have wanted to buy Japanese items from the comfort of your home but have failed to do so. Whether you want to collect Japanese games, Japanese electronics, or any other stuff, the major issue is that it is impossible to get them in your native country, and also they may be priced quite expensive.

This is when people began checking out sites of Japan directly to order from there and this is when Yahoo Auctions Japan came into existence. They are usually auctioned sites just like eBay, but the problem is that if you are not Japanese, then you cannot sign up.

The first problem you will face is captcha verification. As Japanese words are displayed in it, you will need a solution to enter them. Though you may try copy-pasting from one source it is not something you can do quickly till you have access to a Japanese keyboard.

Even if you manage to enter the captch somehow there are other problems like reading Japanese, filling in your shipping address and bank account details.

Lastly, you may also face communication problems with your sellers on the platform.


The most recommended solution for those not living in Japan but want to shop from Japan is to choose auction house Japan such as Easy Auction Japan. The online portal will help you make effortless purchase in English language. No matter from where you want to access the site across the globe, you can do it. You can easily make payment via PayPal and start bidding instantly.

If you want to purchase a product, just bid for it and you will be notified as soon as you win the bid.

There is no language barrier on this site and you can shop for any and every Japanese product you want, right from electronics, makeup, car parts, toys and everything else. You win the bid and make payment to the seller who sends your item to the warehouse from where it is shipped to you. If you have more than one item, they will collect it and send it altogether.

You may check the shipping and handling fees for a particular transfer and then make payment accordingly. If you want same day delivery, then charges may vary.

Other tips

If you don’t know Japanese, then the site will translate it for you for the seller. You can also check out the photos and other details of the product before discussing your issue with the seller. This will provide you with enough information.

As it may get extremely difficult for the non-Japanese buyers to shop from Yahoo Japan Auction because of the language, they can effortlessly choose Easy Auction Japan. There will be no understanding issues and communication issues. You can order product from anywhere around the world and get it shipped directly at your address. It is just like using an auction site in your own nation.

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