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Tips on What Kind of A TV to Buy For a Student

As the new (or maybe even the first) academic year approaches, the preparation works for the students and their parents begin: if you have to move to a different city, new household appliances and other household equipment are often in need. A TV can be frequently found in such a shopping list – this device makes you still feel at home. Nevertheless, the abundance of different models usually makes it really difficult to choose the right TV for a student. But if you consider several main aspects, you will handle this much easier.


The budget. The prices of these devices can vary wildly; therefore, you should define the maximum amount you are ready to spend for this purchase before you even start looking for a TV. Considering the fact, that a TV is not an essential equipment in your new home (though some of the students would disagree), first off all, you should calculate how much the household appliances and other essential household devices are going to cost. Then you will see precisely how much you can spend on a TV.

The screen size.It goes without saying that the larger the TV screen, the more immersive viewing experience you will get; however, it should be also kept in mind that such products take respectively more space in your room. It is considered that the best option for a dormitory room might be a TV with a 50-inch screen, though if you got lucky and have more space on the wall, you can feel free to consider larger options as well.

Resolution.According to the newest standards, 4K TVs can guarantee the best video quality, though not all of us can afford them for now; therefore, a slightly simpler option could be found for a student. Nevertheless, you should not choose a device themaximum resolution of which is lower than1080 x 720p – the view you will have to see every day on the screenwill certainly not be worth the money you have invested in it. While any other options will completely meet your unpretentious expectations. All of these TVs are available in e-store at a really good price.

Refresh rate.Even though this specification seems quite complicated, it is in fact really simple – a number expressed in hertz shows the number of times in a second that a display screen updates its buffer. The image on the TVs with higher frequency delays far less, therefore, this aspect should be taken into consideration bysports fans. However, you should know that the most obvious difference is between the TVs of 60Hz and 120Hz – but with the higher numbers, the delay is barely visible. So, this specification is important, though not necessarily to be concentrated on.

Input and output types. This criteria will depend on the devices you are most frequently connecting to the TV; yet, in general, the more of them – the easier your life is going to be. Nevertheless, it is considered that a modern TV should have HDMI and USB port and a means to connect headphones – this is especially relevant when you have to share the room with other people.

Additional options.Whether they will be necessary or not will depend only on your needs and resources. Nowadays there are SMART TVs offering solid entertainment packages, models guaranteeing 3D video and other similar solutions – there is no single best option in this case; therefore, you will have to decide which functions are worth investing in yourself.

After considering all these aspects you should easily decide what kind of a TV you should buy for your new home. Knowing exactly the essential functions necessary for you, it is way easier to make a decision – especially when the choice of such devices in constantly increasing.

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