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Tips on How to Write a Compelling Personal Statement

Before delving into the details of how to write a personal statement, it is necessary for us to understand what a personal statement is. In the simplest terms, a personal statement is a document you include in your CV as a short summary of your achievements so that your potential employer can consider your application above the other applicants. A personal statement can also be required when applying to get an admission in a university.

But why should you bother writing a personal statement when you have already drafted a great CV or an application letter? At, we believe that a good personal statement will help you summarize all your skills and experiences to secure a job or an admission at the university. The statement will help your application or CV to stand out above the rest of the applications and boost your chances of selling yourself effectively. Let us now look at ideas that will assist you in drafting a compelling personal statement.

Write a Compelling Personal Statement

●     Explainyourintentions

The first thing to put in your personal statement when applying to join a university is explaining your reasons for applying for the course. You need to show the admissions board your interest and passion for that particular course. Those applying for employment have to tell their prospective bosses why they feel they are the best qualified candidates for the job, and demonstrate to them their skills and experience.

  • Maintaintherightlength  

Another factor to keep in mind while drafting your statement is the length you need to confine yourself to. A personal statement is not a CV or an admission essay, and hence, you need to keep it within its proper word count. Ideally, a good statement should not go beyond 150 words because it serves as a summary of who you are as a professional. Remember, if you keep it short, it will be easier for your potential employer to read it since they do not have the time to read lengthy writings.

●     Enditwell

Finalizing your personal statement on a forceful is critical when it comes to mastering how to write a personal statement that sells. You need to take advantage of your closing section to show your potential boss your personal objectives and wrap it up with a clear description of why you are the best candidate for the vacancy.

Here is an example of how you can end your personal statement:

“I look forward to making my valuable contribution to the world of medicine by using my full potential to help in the relief of the sufferings of fellow human beings.”

  • Know how to grab the attention of your readers

Since you are dealing with a very formal document, you need to draft it using a professional and polite tone to get the attention of your readers. Do not include any form of familiar language even if you know the prospective employer at a personal level.

  • Highlighttherightthing

Moreover, you should remember that apersonal statementis a marketing tool. Therefore, you need to draft it in a manner that puts your best foot forward without lying or exaggerating things. Be discreet enough only to highlight your strengths and skills because they are the ones you will need to excel in the course or job you are applying to. You also need to explain briefly how your expertise and experience will add value to the organization you desire to work for.

  • Showyourlong-termplans

To fortify your statement and make it more compelling, show your future employer and the prospective university you want to join that you have serious long-term plans for your career. Make the admissions board know what you intend to do with the skills you are seeking to acquire after your graduation. In addition, job applicants need to show their prospective employers what they want to achieve with their prospective job opportunities.

  • Keepeverythingpositiveandoptimistic

Lastly, you always maintain a positive tone in everything. Even though you are applying for the opportunity alongside many other applicants, and the chances of losing out in the process are real, never draft your statement with a desperate tone. Ensure that you show hope without veering into overconfident bragging. This way, the decision makers will know they are dealing with a moderate person who is ready to accept gladly the verdict of the board.

Whether you are applying to get a job or join your dream university, a personal statement is an ideal tool for keeping your application ahead of the park. Therefore, pay particular attention to how you approach it since writing it wrongly can sabotage your chances of getting an admission or your dream job. We believe that the ideas we have shared in this post will help you to take your writing skills to the next level of advancement.

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