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Tips for the digital management of HRM

It sounds simple. Managing the skills of your employees, however in the digital world of today, skills possessed by your employees are less straightforward definable. In medium-sized and larger organizations this is ever more difficult as here the amount employees has to be considered as well. Here are a few tips that you should take into account as an HRM manager.

Use skills software management instead of excel

The first and most important advice is to use software for skills management instead of Excel. There are many disadvantages for using Excel for the management of skills and competencies. The use of Excel is riskier, as it is more sensitive to mistakes. Everybody works on his or her own way with excel, there is no single way to use the program.  There are actually multiple owners and multiple ways of working. Another disadvantage of Excel is that it is not possible to show real time data. Skills software management is cloud-based and can be accessed from any computer, as opposed to excel which is locally based. So, software allows for the safeguarding of competences of employees.

Besides that, skills software management allows you, among others, to use scroll down menus and selection lists. This is another missing option of excel. Skills management software also allows for authorization of access and use. Multiple authorization levels are possible to different components of data.

Organize in skills matrices

When setting up agile teams or teams for specific business processes it’s useful to know the skills and qualification the employees possess. One way to organize these is by displaying it in an organized manner by skills matrices. Not only organizing the skills and qualifications is possible, you can view gaps in knowledge and skills a lot easier. With skills matrix software you will be able to virtually display all the skills and competences, this software.

Nowadays it is hard to work without this software and companies should take into account that the skills possessed by their employees are the backbone of the company.

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