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Tips for MCAT Math

How can one approach math on the MCAT?

Our world today revolves around scientific innovation. I once read something about the great Greek’s philosophers, Socrates and Pythagoras. I was noticed a significant distinction in their work. They turned to the existence of a God to explain many things in our world, and why some things happen the way they do. According to Socrates, God is our Creator, and He is the engine behind the mystical and magnificent things happenings around the world.

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On the contrary, Pythagoras’ ideology conforms to the topic of our discussion. The philosopher is associated with a particular concept in geometry known as Pythagorean Theorem. Pythagoras was ahead of his time in that he saw a connection between the happenings of the world and mathematics.

The mind is a significant body part, and the capacity of the human mind is such that sets us apart from other members of the animal kingdom. Many scientific innovations amongst us today are directly linked with the great thinkers of the past. For pre-medical students aspiring to be successful medical doctors, you must be able to think critically and quickly. Some of you may not be naturally gifted at mathematics. However, there is no point of worrying. You can teach yourself tricks to recall formulas and mathematical logic in order to apply this information to the math you will encounter on the MCAT.

You will likely find math concepts like algebra or algorithms in a Chemistry class when you’re taking the pre-requisite science classes. Equally, these same concepts will be tested on the MCAT. If you’re struggling to tackle these concepts during your MCAT prep, then get organized. Make a bullet list of every type of math you should know. Think of ways to remember it, or ways to make it make sense within the context of the MCAT. However, the best tutor selection really matters, MedicMind helps you in choosing the right one for you.

In your prep, you will come across complex terms such as Biological Macromolecules or Reaction coupling.While these things can sound daunting, you need to learn to master them. In order to become a medical doctor, you must not only be smart, but more importantly, you must garner the self-drive to answer complex questions and utilize the step-by-step thinking that will enable you to do so.

Determination is also an important skill that you must sharpen. Dedicate the blood, sweat, and tears that are necessary in order to master the math on the MCAT. It will take time and at times your brain may make you question your sanity while you’re trying to navigate the MCAT math without a calculator. However, when you avoid a calculator, you may be surprised at how often you come up with an accurate answer. This process will boost your confidence. MCAT Math requires speed and accuracy. People who hurry are believed to the ones committing a mistake. So remember that slow and steady wins the race. Allow yourself enough time to study these concepts.

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