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Tips for Buying a Luxury Watch from a Woman or a Man

The majority of luxury watch brands manufacture women’s watches. Cartier is a good example. The models they offer range from refined, fine and light to other styles similar to those of men’s luxury watches. There are brands that make unisex watches and others that only design women’s models.

Before buying a luxury watch from a woman, you will have to consider the different options available such as jewelry watches or classic luxury watches. You will also need to know the style that pleases this woman (you can see it depending on the accessories and clothes she usually wears), this will give you good leads on the type of luxury watch that will fit most to her personal taste.

Buying a Luxury Watch

Also pay attention to the types of jewelry she wears, this will give you a good idea of ​​her style and personal taste. Finally, for a woman, a watch is a jewel of even if it is a functional jewel.

– Does she wear a lot or little jewelry?

– Does she wear flashy jewelry or simple line?

– Does she like gold or silver colors?

– Does she use jewels set with precious stones? What color ?

The following tips can be of some use:

– For a woman over 50, a classic gold or silver luxury watch set with small diamond inlays with a lightweight bracelet will surely please her

– For a young woman, she can choose a jewel watch with sapphires or diamonds, not too showy but delicate.

– For a young woman under 25, you can offer her a more eye-catching jewel watch with colored gemstones. But you must make sure that she likes this type of accessories or that it goes with the clothes she wears.

If, after these tips, you are not yet sure that the luxury watch will please, buy him a classic watch with diamonds or sapphires, you can be sure that it will be satisfied.

For Mr

It is an advantage for a woman to choose a watch for a man because she is more used to knowing the accessories and fashion than the majority of men. If you are thinking of buying a luxury watch for a man, it is important to think about him, his personal tastes and what type of watch will best suit his character. A watch is an important supplement for any man. You need to think about which type of watch will be most appropriate for him, what type of person is he, if he is extroverted, reserved and what kinds of personal items he likes?

Before anything else, think about his personality and his personal tastes …

– What colors does he like? Intense or discreet?

– Is he athletic? A sporty man is used to having tastes in keeping with his lifestyle.

– Will he prefer a watch that “sees well” or a more discreet? The answer will tell you if it prefers a sphere large or small.

– Does he attract attention or be withdrawn?

A watch will always be an item or a complement of more in a man’s wardrobe. The way to dress will also give you tracks on the type of watch that could suit him.

– Does he dress in a classic, modern or sporty way?

– Are his clothes visible or discreet?

– Does it wear luxury clothing whose mark is clearly visible or does it wear with discretion?

These aspects will give you directions to offer the right luxury watch to a man. If you still have doubts, ask him the question but it will be with caution not to give him suspicions … For example, ask him his opinion and his help to buy a watch for his brother or for his father.

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