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With over 50 million global downloads on Android phones alone, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is undeniably a hit in the world of mobile gaming. If you’re a certified gamer, you have probably been infected by this MOBA virus. 

If you’re a novice to this game or a warhorse looking for additional gaming techniques, here are some tips and tricks to help you beat the opponent and ace your upcoming battles!

1. Complete your dailies

Additional experience, heroes and skins, magic dust, various kinds of emblems, trial cards, tickets, higher battle points, and weekly activity chests. You can get most of these for free by doing and completing your daily tasks and events. You can use these rewards to buy heroes, skins, equipment, and even level up your emblems.

You can get more rewards by collecting and unlocking your Free and Medal Chests. Free chests are collectible every 4 hours, stackable up to 2 times. Set up your Omega Speedmaster alarms every 4 hours so you would not miss any of these free chest rewards. 

You can use these free chests to earn more items that can help you advance in the game like additional experience, battle points, hero tickets, and emblems. 

Medal chests, on the other hand, can be unlocked once a day using ten medal points from your matches. 

2. Learn the heroes and characters

Learning new game characters could be a bit overwhelming especially for beginners who do not know all the basics of the game yet. 

Lesley, a marksman/assassin, uses less energy and has good mobility and escape mechanism. She has a strong kiting and support damage, and the farthest attack distance. However, she is considered less stronger than other marksman. She can be very squishy and doesn’t have powerful crowd control. 

Gatotkaca plays like a tank with a specialty in crowd control. He has the highest defense among all tanks thanks to his passive skill ability. However, Gatotkaca is not easy to control. He runs out of mana if you keep spamming skill earlier in the game, and has long casting time nad long CD of ultimate skills.

Knowing the characters and learning how to play each of them is an advantage if you want to win your battles and level up quickly. 

3. Teamwork

Great teamwork comes in great communication. “Retreat,” “Attack,” “Prepare for Team Fight,” “Group up,” these are some of the quick-phrase buttons you can use to communicate with your teammates amidst a battle. Using these shortcut buttons can help you deliver messages to them without having to type them. 

Group up during team fights. After going through the laning phase, your ally usually groups up to siege towers. Use the “Prepare for Team Fight!” command button and huddle with your team together for a team fight. Avoid doing your own thing like most beginners do. 

Know where to go in team positions, be it a 5 v 5 or 1 v 3 team fight. Marksmen and assassins move only when the frontline initiate first. The enemy team sometimes engage first, forcing you to fight them without your front line tank. Don’t go too offensive and be wise. Work together with your team. 

Your teammates may upset you many times, but yelling or trash talking them won’t do you any good. The team’s confidence depends on the members’ support for each other. Praise your teammates even for small things they do right. Remember, the “Well Played” phrase button exists. 

4. Destroy Towers

Tower siege leads you to get closer to your ultimate goal of destroying the nexus. Do not waste too much time killing enemy players to get high kill scores. Focus on tower kills. Calculate the risks when tower diving. Dying to a tower drive can open up a counter tower siege, especially if you are too aggressive in killing the enemy. Do the tower dive only if you are confident of killing them without dying or if you are ahead of the enemy team.

5. Relax and enjoy the game

Learn to take losses and have fun for each game. Relax and focus on improving your mechanics while playing.

These are just some tips and techniques you can consider when playing on your next games in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Take it easy and enjoy the game!

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