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Tip To Pass Your CCIE Exam

Passing the CCIE exam is not an easy task at all. CCIE certification is one of the toughest as well as the highest-paid certification worldwide. Many individuals apply for it each and every year; however, not all pass the exam. 

In order to pass the exam, one must be fully determined and face all the challenges that come their way. Have a look down below at a number of tips that can help you pass your exam in the very first exam. So let’s dig in! 

  • Finding The Right Training Institute

One of the major things you need to focus on is to find the right training institute to pass your CCIE Lab and practical exam. You must note that without proper training, you will not be able to pass the exam. There are lots of institutes out there that offer training to individuals who are interested in achieving this certification. However, make sure to do your research before you opt for one. Go through their success rate and then choose one. Take your time and do not hurry. Come up with a decision once you are fully satisfied with an institution. 

  • Surround Yourself With Dedicated People

Another thing you need to do is to surround yourself with dedicated people. Remember, this journey is not an easy one at all. It requires all your focus, and you need to stay committed no matter what. However, not everyone is capable of staying motivated all the time. This is the reason you must surround yourself with dedicated individuals. They will keep you stay dedicated and won’t make you doubt yourself at all. Moreover,  the best part is that all of you will be able to learn from one another. You can even study together and help out eachother. 

  • Practice All You Can

Practice is key to success, no matter what the task. You must make sure to practice in real labs. This way, you will know where you stand when it comes to the exam. You will be able to find out where you are lacking and can improve before the exam takes place. Moreover, make sure to train on real devices. Your training institute will provide you with these services.  Remember,  a CCIE lab exam is 8 hours long, and you do not want to mess this up. Once you practice, you will be confident regarding what you want exactly. 

  • Time Management 

One of the major issues students face is time management. Sure, the exam is quite long; however, that is why you are given 8 hours. In order to complete your exam on time, you must be aware of all the technical skills. Once you practice, you won’t face any issues dealing with the skills required. Moving on, your concepts should be clear. These are quite hard, but you must understand the question fully and then start doing your exam. Make sure to process the exam before you start doing it. Once you’ve understood everything, you know what you need to do, start at a great speed. This is how you will be able to complete your exam within the allocated time. 

  • Learn From Different Sources

Another thing you need to do is to learn from different sources. Don’t just focus on a single textbook; you need different sources. Remember, the exam is not easy, and it is possible you may not be able to understand everything from one book. This is why you need different learning materials. You can opt for various books, documents related to Cisco, and other stuff you may find on the internet. Another thing you can do is to go through past CCIE exams. This will give you a better idea regarding what you are required to do. 

  • Stay Motivated

Lastly, the major thing that matters to pass your exam is to stay motivated. You may feel like giving up at times when you’re tired of everything. However, all you need to do is to give yourself some time and tell yourself that you can do it. Remember, staying motivated will play a huge role in giving you the confidence you need when you’re prepping for your exams as well as when you reach the lab to pass your exam. 

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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