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Three Online Roulette Games To Try

The world of Roulette is never ending, with different variations of the standard game being introduced constantly. With new options that bring a modern twist to the well-known game, there are a number of online Roulette choices that can be played as real money casino games.

With a focus on Roulette games with a twist, here are just a few that you will want to add to your online gaming collection.

Three Online Roulette Games To Try

The basics of Roulette

If the game of Roulette happens to be unfamiliar to you, here are some quick tips on how to play.

The main feature of the game is the wheel itself, which is made up of a spinning disk with multiple divisions on the edge that split it up. The wheel is in a type of bowl – a little ball is then spun around the edge of the bowl, until it lands on a particular part of the wheel.

Each division is numbered between one and 36, which alternate in colour from red to black, as well as an additional part that is coloured green.

The fun comes in when it is time to pick what number you think the ball will land on! 

Instant Roulette live

If fast-paced gaming experiences are your thing, this is the option for you! With the main defining feature being a multi-wheel, it brings an original twist to your standard Roulette game.

Rather than just the one wheel, there are 12 wheels in action, so there will always be an online table available for you to play at.

While it is a quick game, you will be able to take your time and decide where the ball will land and play up to as many times as you want.

Enter the world of speedy gaming, with this online Roulette experience!

Spread-Bet Roulette

With another change to your online gaming experience, this form of Roulette game features a golden wheel to enhance your gameplay.

With the same main wheel featured in the traditional Roulette game, the golden numbers will spin on their own. You will then play alongside the standard game of Roulette, but if you choose to join the spread-bet, there are different predictions you can make.

These predictions are for the sum of two numbers, that will fall under certain ranges. For example, if the sum of two numbers falls between zero and one, you can make 400x your stake. These are side bets, however, so there is no pressure to join this game. However, it does also increase the number of prizes you can collect!

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette live

Be prepared to heat things up with this fiery variation of Roulette. To make gameplay unique, this game incorporates seeing a number picked in each round, which will transport you to the bonus game.

In this bonus game, a grid will appear that is split into different sections with a multiplier or jackpot attached to each part. You will kindly be given three spins, which will activate multipliers to drop onto the grid, which can then add to your prizes. If you land on the jackpot section, you can have the chance to multiply your stake by up to 500x!

With a range of different online Roulette games that will be ever-changing and evolving, which one will you try first?

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