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Things To Know About: What Is Torrenting

We are sure that you have probably heard about internet piracy, and that it is possible with the use of something we call torrenting. But what is it all about exactly? We are going to explain what torrenting is, what are the risks linked with torrenting, and how you can start downloading your files.

It is a kind of file sharing, it can be used to download movies free, music, book or just about any torrent file no matter in which format it comes and is not innately illegal. Although, most of the things you find on websites are copyrighted material, and it is prohibited for you to download it.

Things To Know About: What Is Torrenting

How Does It Work

When you download from the internet, most of the time, you just click a download button, and the file automatically comes into your computer. Torrenting is somehow different from that.

Instead of taking a file from one server and downloading it, a torrent will divide it into different parts of the same file, which are called packets. These packets are shared all around a network of computers, also downloading the same thing that you are, who are called “peers” or “leechers,” which all of them have a slightly distinct chunk of the same file.

Each “leecher” behaves like a small server. This, in turn, lessens the overall network load. The download process may be slower than a direct download; it may start slow at first but will eventually speed up.

Another reason why torrent downloads are slow is that the download link is, in general, a lot less steady, so you might find more interruptions than you’re acclimated to. If your internet connection is fast, the difference is negligible, but for people with a much slower internet connection, they might get frustrated because of the slow download speed.

Torrenting Risks

There are only a few risks connected with the actual procedure of torrenting. Since you are downloading it from a web of peers, the possibility of your computer catching a virus is smaller compared to a regular download.

Although it is still a good idea to look out for virus-loaded files, it’s always a good thing to stay away from uploaders whom you don’t know. Also, from files that have no feedback under them, or you might find your computer has caught an unwanted virus from cybercriminals.

Copyright Infringement

As mentioned above, downloading a copyrighted file is illegal, and the thought of being sued might probably be the biggest danger when torrenting. Several countries have already closed access to file-sharing sites completely.

The best way to avoid this particular lawsuit is to either cease your habits of torrenting files or use a VPN, which can hide your digital footprint. You may need a VPN that would hide your download and upload trail, not just for the websites that you visit.

How To Start Torrenting

Now that we’ve talked about torrenting and its risks, lets now go talk about the fun things: torrenting. Before finding torrents, you need a program for you to be able to hook up to the “seeders” and “leechers,” which is called a “client.” There are several programs that you can choose from. There are the clients called the μTorrent, Transmission, and BitTorrent.

With the “clients” installed, you can now start searching for torrenting sites on the internet. The most popular sites are the Pirate Bay and the Kickass Torrents, you can search them on the internet as they constantly move around to avoid law enforcement agencies.


What do you think about torrenting? Is it a convenient way of downloading files, or are you not ready for the risks it comes with? Remember that with great power comes great responsibility, so it is always a good idea to use a VPN. This is just to make sure that the police don’t come knocking on your front door.

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