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Things To Consider Before Selecting Best International Moving Company?


It is not a fact that moving has to be frustrating. Because there are ways one can prepare for it, and take precautions, moving your stuff can be easy too. But, when a lot of factors come into places such as location, distance, facility, and lack of care, the result is a disaster. Yes, insurance can cover some of these but international moving can burst the stress levels. So, let us take a few tips on how to choose one?

Best International Moving Company

Before we begin, one thing to note is that the most expensive movers do not necessarily translate to the best service in the industry. And, international moving can have so many unforeseen situations that not even the best in the industry can guarantee the future. Yet, we can decide based on good judgment and hire a suitable freight forwarders association for our international shipment.

Let us list some things to take into consideration, and then discuss them.

  • Accreditation
  • Insurance
  • Reputation
  • Customs
  • Specialist
  • Pets

Some of the above points are self-explanatory. For example, an important thing on your checklist should be looking for accreditations. For example, a company that has certifications from international bodies such as FIDI is more reliable, in general terms. Because of these international regulations, certifications, one can assume that the brands are reputable as well. Today, FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux) is the largest organization that is the parent of all international moving companies. Because of this, they offer the FIDI-FAIM certification or accreditation to companies that operate in this business.

In other words, choosing an international moving company that holds an active FIDI-FAIM certification ensures that you are dealing with professionals in this business. So, they have the necessary experience, and skills to offer you the best move possible. Contrary, not going for one maybe, not necessarily be a huge risk because then there is no one to assure you about their reputation. Similarly, you know about the importance of insurance.

Because end-to-end services can lag or lead and may pose issues, it is good to stick with a moving company that takes care of everything from one end to the other changing movement’s mid-way is not a good idea. The single company should take care of customs clearance, freight forwarding, packing, moving, installing, and all from pickup to the destination location.

Specialist Packaging

It is something we should talk about because this is different from the rest. Packing an item safely is a professional job, and every item needs rethinking. For example, packing a piano is not the same as packing your furniture. Safely packing your Blu-Ray DVD collection needs more care.

Packaging your artwork, frames, and painting is not so easy because they are fragile. There may be a lot of such things that can damage and lead to a very bad experience, even with insurance. So, going for specialist packaging services is a must. When you choose professional international packers and movers, they have the necessary skills and people to do just that.

Customs Clearance Experience

It can be the worst in the world, depending on different places. So one can choose an international moving company that is international, is a big brand, can take away a lot of your burden. The company that is certified has those skills and knowledge so that you don’t have to worry about any of those things. So, let us review these items and give some tips on what to do, and how to proceed to look for the best international company?

  • Start with getting some recommendations by talking to people, if you know who went through the same experience before you.
  • Look for free estimates on budget, costs, and end-to-end charges for the international movement for every aspect from packing to delivery, and installation.
  • Verify the company, their licenses, and certifications, accreditations, and so on to make sure they are legitimate and reputed international brands.
  • Choose the one that fits in your budget, offers less compromise, and safety of delivery. Compare and choose wisely, and don’t compromise.
  • Consider the schedule, and door-to-door delivery as well in the budget. Look for customs clearance, and all paperwork to be included in the movement and not your responsibility.

The above tips, order of priority, will always come in handy, if not comprehensive. Because no one can tell exactly what to do, all you can do is prepare. Preparation is key because it helps secure loose ends.


Do not blindly go for an expensive brand because a higher price tells good service. Make sure to follow the above tips, in order, because it is up to you to choose an international moving company. If you want the whole process to be less frustrating, during and after the movement, take your time because with time and effort you can make a good decision.

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