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Things To Consider Before Hiring A PPC Agency In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s digital market is integral to the growth of the UAE economy. The city has a large population and is an important regional financial center. It’s also known for being a hub for technology, education, and tourism.

The role of a PPC agency is to optimize your digital marketing campaign and increase the number of visitors that see your advert so that you get more leads or sales. A PPC agency Abu Dhabi can help you with your search engine and social media ad campaigns. Several questions need to be answered before hiring a PPC agency:


What do you want to achieve?

Before you hire an agency for your marketing campaign, knowing what you want to achieve is essential. It may sound obvious, but many people don’t take the time to define their goals before starting a PPC marketing campaign. As such, they waste time and money on things that don’t bring them closer to their ultimate goal.

For example: Suppose your goal is to increase brand awareness and sell more products, then it makes no sense for you to invest in remarketing old campaigns. On the other hand, if increasing revenue per click is critical, then focusing on lower-performing keywords could be beneficial.

Do you have a clear budget in mind?

You may get more value if you have a clear budget in mind because then the agency can work within that budget rather than having its hands tied by vague parameters such as “we want to spend X amount on PPC per month” or “we don’t care how much we spend as long as we see results.” If you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and how much it will cost, the agency should be able to give you a clear picture of what they will do with the money and how many conversions they will generate for just AED X/month.

Are they familiar with your target audience?

The Abu Dhabi digital marketing industry is increasing and is expected to reach over $370 million in 2022. The city follows a strategy of attracting foreign investment with incentives such as tax breaks and visa waivers for foreign professionals, which has led to an influx of international talent.

You must ensure that your PPC agency in Abu Dhabi understands your target audience well. If they don’t know who they are, how will they be able to reach them? The agency should know the customers’ likes and dislikes, how they make buying decisions, and how to reach them.

Are they an expert in search engines or social media Ads and Analytics?

In Abu Dhabi, 79% of adults use social media platforms. That’s nearly double the global average! This number doesn’t even include online shoppers or people who access news online through their phones; it only reflects how many adults are active on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You must hire a PPC agency expert in search engine and social media Ads and Analytics. These are the most popular platforms used by online businesses these days. If a PPC agency doesn’t have the expertise to use these platforms correctly, then it won’t be able to help you effectively optimize your campaign or generate more leads for your business. The best way to determine if they know what they are doing is by checking their portfolio or asking them about their experience with each platform separately.


Choose an agency with experience in your industry and knowledge of how to reach your target audience to maximize your return on investment. If they don’t have experience in your industry or working with clients like yours, it makes sense to look elsewhere.


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