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The upgrading Relationship Between Cryptocurrency and Cybercrime

The uncontrolled ride of cryptocurrency is not just impacting the people who are associated with crypto trading or mining. Some illicit platforms which are running crypto are also involved with cybercrimes. As per the reports of Interaxle Consulting groups revealed that those phishing attempts are also related to the crypto growth of up to 260% as compared to last year as it has increased up to 62% increasing phishing attacks specifically hackers attacking the crypto wallets and exchange platforms as well. Therefore, same as online financial crimes, cybercriminals are also using techniques over virtual currencies and getting more and more success with their efforts:

Cryptocurrency and Cybercrime

  1. There is no provision of supervision as organizations such as banks and other governmental agencies are usually behaving like a middleman in their financial transactions and are not related to crypto transactions. Additionally, if you are interested in crypto investment, you may consider knowing about The Genesis of Cryptocurrency.
  2. Crypto does not reveal the identity of the person who is executing the crypto transactions. The bad actors always remain unidentified as their name, email address, and other background information is not revealed to anyone. It contains only an address of the crypto wallets which is an unrecognizable series of strings and numbers. The hackers use the trick of hacking multiple wallets to wash transactions further.
  3. Once the money has been transferred to an address, it cannot be reversed. These crypto payments are permanent. As cash can be controlled or stopped at any moment but crypto transactions are unstoppable. Hackers take advantage of it and they feel free to flee the scene without getting tracked.

Crypto Plunge Influencing Ransomware

Whenever the cryptocurrency values fall suddenly, it washes out hundreds of billions of dollars at one instance, and cybercrimes, which are growing on behalf of ransomware attacks and their demand will be up to what extent. However, several web-based crypto exchanges were wing crashed by the cryptocurrency and it becomes possible for cybercriminals to manage their money out of their business.

Crypto and Cybercrime: Public Blockchain Could Hold the Key to Modern-day Cyber Security

Since the last ten years, bitcoin has emerged as a core foundation for Bitcoins which is equally valuable as another cryptocurrency at the same moment. But the evolution of the blockchain app emerges as a big equation with the cryptocurrency at the same moment. Giver Ethereum has gained popularity due to the use of nonfungible tokens. The decentralized consensus mechanisms of blockchain technology make it more popular. In the case of cybercriminals, they can successfully hack a system in a blockchain world, as they have control over most of the nodes to interrupt the ledger transactions which is extremely costly and complicated as well. However, while spreading the modes to the various resources, it becomes more complicated for hackers to gain control of the data. That is why blockchain systems have been seen as a potential game-changing technology for the future and also can go against the planning of cyber-crimes.

Cyber skills rules and Crypto for the Day

However, the latest technology is growing and fighting against the battle of cybercrimes. And they are also working to hone modern skills to stay one step forward from the bad actors. No matter if you want to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) or a blockchain developer, where you can use an architecture principle to create apps in a company’s atmosphere. No matter whether you are prepared to fight against or investigate vulnerabilities in target systems and use the same techniques as adopted by the hackers most of the time. Hence there is no shortage of chances for securely trading with cryptocurrency.


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