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The Ultimate Guide to Car Back Window LED Display

What is the LED car back window digital Display?

The back window LED Display is the LED Display placed on the back window of vehicles to play contents either in pictures, texts, and videos to deliver both commercial and non-for-profit messages. Car back window LED Display is an excellent medium for car advertising.

Ultimate Guide to Car Back Window LED Display

NSELED back window LED display is transparent, which means that both people outside the vehicle and the passenger inside the vehicle can see through the LED screen while visual content is presented.

Meanwhile, the screen’s transparency allows natural sunlight in, so the inside of the car will not be dim, and the driver’s back view is not blocked. A safe and sound drive is guaranteed.

What are the features of the LED car back window display?

  • Ultra-thin design, easy to disassemble and install: reduce the space occupation of the car LED Display.
  • Aluminum alloy material cabinet: reduce the weight of the car LED Display to reduce the weight of the car body.
  • Electrostatic protection measures: prevent damage to the LED lights and driver IC.
  • Wide voltage design: prevent the car from damaging the display screen by generating high pulse voltage when starting, braking and stopping.
  • With a high refresh rate and high gray level, the LED display screen is more realistic in picture presenting. It has the function of point-by-point correction of brightness and color, which makes the display effect of the LED Display more vibrant and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use.
  • Advertisement content can be changed at any time, showing different advertisements for different customers around the clock.
  • Support network control function, enabling you to control the display screens of several cities in one place and change the content you want to play at any time.
  • Our multi-function card can be switched on and off at any time, enabled by software timing or manually to realize the unattended function.

What is the advantage of LED car back window digital display?

What is the advantage of LED car back window digital display

Wider Coverage for Advertisement

Online advertisement faces a downward trend as more people switch off the ads on their mobile phones and PC. People feel more violated, and their privacy trespasses as these ads pop up on their devices when surfing the internet. On the other hand, more people are now on the streets since most of the restrictions and lockdown from the coronavirus have been lifted. People are enjoying their time out of the home.

As vehicles move around the city, the content of the ads on the LED car back window digital Display will be perceived. The brand impression will be reached with people unaware of it, spanning a large area with broader coverage for the ads.

Foolproof Installation and Dissemble

With NSELED back window LED sign being compact and lightweight, you can carry it around quickly, and the installation takes no effort at all.

Place it to the car back, and use powerful suction hooks and the supporting accessory to fix it to the car back firmly. You can do the installation just with your hands. No tools are needed.

For dissemble, removing the suction hooker and the back window LED sign will not cause the slightest damage to your car window or your car.

Smart Design

NSELED car rear LED Display is highly lightweight and thin, about 5kg per unit and 20mm in thickness, which allows it to be installed in the car even without ample room in the back and a closer fit to the car back window, offering better visual effect.

The frame of NSELED car rear LED Display made of aluminum alloy is encased in high-quality acrylic material, which can buffer the impact caused by uneven roads and give extra protection to the passengers in the back while adding no extra weight device. It’s designed in a way always to give you the most outstanding, stable performance even if your car is off-road on rough terrain.

Electrostatic protection is adopted to prevent LED lights and driver IC damage.

Geo-targeting & Content Trigger 

GPS is a built-in NSELED back window LED Display so that the device can detect the vehicle’s exact location in real-time. Advertisement sponsored by a business of that specific location will be automatically displayed. In this way, the ads become more targeting, and visitation traffic could be lifted noticeably since the vicinity allows people to visit the business right after the exposure to the ads.

Other content triggers besides location are weather, time of the day, and demographics.

For instance, it makes much more sense to play ads of health care products targeting older adults to its targeted groups than to children, so, based on the demographic, when the vehicle is around a neighborhood with more senior people, the corresponding ads will be triggered and played on the back window LED screen.

Remote & Easy Control  

There are multiple ways to control your back window Transparent LED Display.

WIFI, USB, 4G, GPS connections are available, making it easier for you to send upload contents remotely.

You can even use your phone, tablet, or PC to edit the content to be published as you want, just by logging in to the software controlling the device.

If you have a fleet of cars or taxis ready to be regulated on the programs to be delivered, the NSELED back window LED display cloud system will be a great help. The cloud system allows you to control multiple devices simultaneously so that the fleet can play the same contents simultaneously, or each can play different content.

Highly See-through & Ultra-bright  

With a brightness of up to 5500nits, the image of the HD video presented will be captivating to the eyes even far far away under any weather conditions, perfect for outdoor advertisement, and the high transparency creates an illusion that the images are magically on the car back window, making the ads more attractive.

Auto-brightness & Power-saving

NSELED car window advertising screen is connected to the car battery to power it. The screen encloses a light sensor that can read the lighting in the surroundings so that the screen’s brightness will be adjusted accordingly. For a rainy day or cloudy day when the sky is less bright, the LED screen doesn’t have to be very bright for the ads and contents presented to be seen clearly.

This self-regulating mechanism of brightness frees users. You don’t have to worry about the constant manual change to the screen brightness. And it’s more precise for the work to be done automatically by the intelligent system than by human since the light sensor is a better judge than your naked eye on the brightness of the ambient environment and the corresponding brightness of the screen.

This technology of auto-brightness helps the LED screen save a lot of energy since it will not always be at the highest brightness. Another benefit is that the service life of the LED screen is prolonged when the light-emitting diodes don’t have to be too bright.

What are the applications of the car rear LED transparent screen?

The transparent car back window LED Display can be applied to all types of car windows by using different brackets. More flexible in installing on the different vehicles

  • BUS LED Display:

Bus good image plays an important role, and you can get timely news, weather forecasts, advertising, and other information through wireless. It can synchronize the Display of station information and other comprehensive information.

  • Taxi LED Display:

A transparent car back window LED display is an in-vehicle Portable LED Sign. Compared to traditional LED screens, the transparent LED screen is more creative in displaying content. As the vehicle moves on the road, the advertising will be appreciated potentially. It won’t block out light or the view on both sides.

  • Electrostatic capacity

LED transparent screen is a semiconductor device sensitive to static electricity and very susceptible to static failure. Therefore, the anti-static ability is essential to the service life of the Display.

In general, the human body’s LED transparent screen static mode test voltage should not be less than 2000V.

  • LED transparent screen lamp beads selection

LED lamp beads are one of the most critical parts of the car back transparent Display. Be sure to choose the well-known domestic or foreign lamp brand manufacturers: such as National star, Kinglight, and other first-line brands.

  • Outdoor installation, choosing a high brightness display for a better display effect under the sunshine is necessary.
  • Transparency should be emphasized. The screen should reach a transparency level at which it would not affect the driver’s view to observe the rear traffic situation.
  • Viewing angle

In general, the viewing angle of the car back LED transparent screen is 140°. If the viewing angle is too small, the experience of visual effects will also be correspondingly worse.

  • Power consumption

LED car back transparent screen is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. It’s efficient in power usage, and the average power consumption is less than 280W /㎡, without the traditional cooling system and air conditioning cooling.

  • Driver IC

LED car back transparent screen is engineered with Driver IC especially designed and developed for the device. Like the central nerve of the human brain, which is in charge of the body’s physical actions and the operation of the human body, Driver IC plays a paramount role in the normal functioning of the device.

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