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The Top 10 Best Keyloggers For Windows To Download

Are you looking for the best keyloggers for windows? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to review most of the famous and popular keyloggers. Moreover, we will rate them from 1 to 10.

Before going any further, you need to understand what is it. A keylogger is a monitoring software of the computer. It runs in the background and records all the keystrokes of the user and save it in a log file. In this way, you can easily get the password and other sensitive data from the pc.  Moreover, you can also get the chat conversation of the person and the websites he visits. A good keylogger software, email the log file it creates secretly to the supervisor email. It is a very good feature because in this way you do not need to access the pc to get that file.

The Top 10 Best Keyloggers For Windows To Download


I hope it explains all the information about this software. You can say that it is kinda spy software that records all the keyboard strokes. Another good thing about the software is the owner of the PC does not know, it is installed on the system.

What It Tracks?

This software can track any kind of information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and other kinds of information. This kind of information is very sensitive and can be transferred to a third-party. So, be careful before installing any. Moreover, these kinds of software are not easy to detect. They run quietly in the background.

You may be thinking that it is an illegal software. Well, it is not an illegal software. Many companies are using this software. However, it is not legal to monitor the activity of your employees. So, you need to discuss with your lawyer before using it. However, you can use it legally for monitoring your children’s internet activity.

It is legal to buy keylogger for your personal computer. But you cannot use it to spy on others’ private data. Sometimes, a friend or a colleague wants to borrow your laptop. Tell him that you are monitoring the activity and then give him your laptop.

Which is the best Keylogger?

The top 10 keyloggers are as follows:

  1. Wolfeye Keylogger

One of the best keylogger software on the market right now is Wolfeye Keylogger. It is a very stable software and easy to use for newbies. One of the best things about this software, it does not use much resources of a computer. This ability makes it an incognito software that is difficult to find. Moreover, the company provides 24-hour support for their clients. You can monitor all kinds of information such as passwords, keystrokes, websites, email delivery, etc. The price is just $79 for 5 computers.

  1. SpyTech SpyAgent

The second-best software after Wolfeye Keylogger is spytech spyagent. However, it is not a very stable software which makes it easily detectable. The interface is not very easy to use as a person need some experience to use it. It has all the features of a keylogger but some features are unique such as Webcam Capturing and Microphone Recording. The price is $69.95 for 1 computer.

  1. Revealer Keylogger

Revealer keylogger is a stable software like Wolfeye Keylogger. But the features it has are very basic. However, it is easy to use and the support is good. The price of this software is just $39.99 for 1 computer.

  1. Ardamax Keylogger

It is an amazing keylogger software to use on your computer. It can capture all the screenshots and keystrokes. Moreover, it can also capture the picture using a webcam. One of the stable keyloggers but above-mentioned works better than this. The Price is $69.95 for 1 computer.

  1. Refog Keylogger

Its price is just $49 for 1 computer and some great spy features. It also can make webcam pictures, record keystroke and make screenshots. Some other great features include call recording and file tracking.

  1. Spytector

Spytector is a good spy tool but has a difficult user interface. The user needs to have some experience to use this software. Moreover, it offers several hacking tools to use on a remote computer. It is like a simple keylogger like any other. It just costs $54.95 for a single computer.

  1. LightLogger Keylogger

It is a lightweight and simple keylogger that has important features and runs quietly in the background. A use with zero experience can use this software easily.

  1. Spyrix

Starting at $69, this keynoter has lots of features to offer. It does not only log the screenshots and keystrokes but also records from webcam and record from the microphone. It also has the feature to block certain websites. However, with all of these features, this keylogger is not very stable compare to Wolfeye Keylogger.

  1. All in One Keylogger

It is a very basic type of keylogger but the support is not very good. The developers have not updated this software for a long time.

  1. Supreme Spy

In the end, comes Supreme Spy which is very basic. Anyhow, this software is outdated and we will not recommend to use it.

So, which one is Best?

After reviewing all of the above-mentioned keyloggers, I found the Wolfeye Keylogger is the best. There are many reasons such as the price is very reasonable compared to others. Moreover, it is the most stable-one and it is almost impossible to detect this software.

How To Add Exception for Wolfeye Keylogger?

First, you need to disable the real-time protection in the windows defender to download and install this software.

When you have successfully installed the software, you need to add this software to the exclusion list of the antivirus software. It may be automatically added to the exclusion list. But if you have another antivirus software then you may need to do it manually.

You can do this in windows security:

Go to start> update and security> virus and threat protection> Open settings> Manage settings

You will see exclusion there, just add an exclusion under this tab.

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