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The Three Misconceptions Leading to Trading Platform Scam Rumors

While it is true that the internet can help you identify great businesses and filter the bad ones, it can also be an unfair place for some. If a few customers have a bad experience with some businesses, they can leave a review that can cause a ripple effect. One bad review from a customer can turn into a tsunami of bad reviews. Next thing you know, a legitimate business is struggling to fight the war of proving itself innocent. Something similar has happened to

The broker is fighting a lot of false accusations against it. Let’s find out what has caused people to spread these rumors about the broker.

Misconceptions Leading to Trading

The Three Reasons People Are Spreading Rumors about XTRgate

1. It Asks for Identification Information

At first, the demand for personal identification information might seem a bit too much, but not when you come to know about the reality. Your identification is crucial when you sign up with an online broker. This helps the brokers identify you as a unique individual, completely shutting doors for identity thieves to sign up in your name. Just because the broker asks for identification information does not mean it is a scam. Some people have mistaken this amazing step from the broker as a sign of a scam.

2. It Offers Web-based Trading

Again, some people think that they are only safe when the broker gives them a software to install on their devices. What they do not realize is that a web-based platform is only for their benefit. They do nto have to download the software. More importantly, they can reach this exact trading platform from anywhere in the world. They do not even have to worry about the compatibility of their devices and operating systems with the trading platform. Again, this is actually a great service from the broker that people have turned into something negative.

3. It Offers Cryptocurrency Trading

Yes, as surprising as it may sound, there are still people who think cryptocurrencies are just a fad. They think cryptocurrencies will not survive because they are not real currencies. And for that reason, when they see a broker offering cryptocurrency trading, they think it is a scam. Well, if you are a believer in cryptocurrencies, you should not believe in such rumors. Sometimes, the basis of a rumor is just lack of knowledge, and that seems to be the case with this particular rumor.

Final Thoughts

You must not forget that you can sign up with an online broker for free. You only have to pay when you want to trade practically in the real financial markets. When you look at the XTRgate website, you will realize that the broker demands a very small amount of money for you to start trading. In addition to that, it is giving you huge leverages when you trade digital coins. The anti-money laundering policy, KYC policy, and separate maintenance of your funds are proofs that the broker is a legitimate one. Of course, you can always do your personal research as well.

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