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The Smart Way To Deal With Plagiarism In Your Papers Using – Plagramme Software

Plagramme Software

A number of software and tools are available in the market these days to check content for plagiarism.These tools are very useful for students as well as for people who do content and academic writing.Plagiarism checkers not only analysis the content, but also doesn’t alter the formatting of the text.These tools can either be a paid service or a free service.Depending on the features you require, you can choose to use either of them.

One such tool is Plagramme, which is one of the most used for plagiarism verification.

Plagiarism checkers used by a lot of teachers and students 

Online plagiarism checkers are a boon for students as well academic writers and a lot of other professionals. Previously professors use to reject academic work stating that the contents have been copied from another writer. Self-checking of the academic content written was a difficult process and unknowingly some of the content seemed to have been copied from original sources, which might actually not be the case. This is where plagiarism checking tools come into play.

Plagramme – the tool for checking Plagiarism

Plagramme, being one of the most uedplagiarism checker tools helps you in identifying the content which has been copied or paraphrased or bad cited.

Developing your own and unique text requires lots of efforts from the writer, as Plagramme, which is used for checking the text for plagiarism analyses each and every word and provides accurate results.

The tool also enables you to edit your work which seems to have been copied online within the software itself, without the need of editing the work in a separate document and uploading it again to check for plagiarism.

There is 2 version of Plagramme, free as well as Paid.

The basic plagiarism checker is free, however, you can buy credits to get your hands on the advanced options of the tool.

Features of Plagramme

Plagramme comes with a few excellent features that make it stand out from other plagiarism checker tools.

Let’s talk about a few of the features of Plagramme: 

  1. Fast checking and easily handled system

Once your content is ready, you can upload your work which can be any number of papers on the Plagramme software.As soon as you upload the papers, the result will appear within minutes.However, it may take little longer sometimes to get the most accurate report.

You can find the report having following details:

  • Similarity score

This score shows the percentage of text copied from the original document.

A higher percentage means a high volume of text is same as the original content and it confirms that the text is highly copied from the original source.

  • Concentration score

This score determines the number of matches you have in the whole text.Low concentration score may indicate, probably the text is free of plagiarism.A big concentration score indicates that the text should be revised.

  • Original source

The exactly matched sentences are linked to the original source of the content indicating the data from which it is exactly copied in the form of links.

All these scores are specially designated with different color formats for you to identify the kind of plagiarism easily and correct it accordingly.

Report of plagiarism checker

1 picture. Report of plagiarism checker

You can focus on each color and start editing your work accordingly.This software checks about 14 trillion books, web pages, research papers and student work for plagiarism.With such a detailed research, you can be sure that the results being displayed are accurate.The text which is found to be plagiarized can be edited or those sentences can be removed completely from the paper, the uploaded text won’t be changed keeping in mind formatting, pictures, tables etc.

  1. It uses secure, SSL browsing technology, and an extremely accurate detection algorithm

The plagiarism detection algorithm accurately detects the text which has been directly copy-pasted from the original work and even the paraphrased text.

Plagramme never absorbs the content which has been uploaded to the software for plagiarism detection, unlike most of the free software providers do.

  1. Provides free services

As discussed earlier, Plagramme software comes in both versions, free and Paid service.

You can use the free version of the software for checking your documents for any kind of plagiarism.

However, if you wish to utilize the additional features of its Paid version, you can do so by either paying for it or by getting credits.

You can get credits by sharing views and posts about Plagramme software on various social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The free credits obtained by sharing information about Plagramme can be used for utilizing the paid services of the software.

To get the credits, log on to the system and purchase the points or redeem the services with the help of the available credits.

You can find these services when logged on the system.

Earning possibility

2 picture. Earning possibility

  1. Online editing and download of correction report:

Plagramme allows you to view the document, edit it within the software and also download the corrected document from within.

You don’t have to re-submit again and you don’t have to pay again after editing.

The original data layout and formatting remains unchanged even after editing.

You can easily download the corrected and plagiarism free copy of your content from within the software itself.

Here is a sample plagiarism checker report in the image below.

Plagiarism check results

3 picture. Plagiarism check results


Plagramme is one of the best tool for checking plagiarism, which is very useful and handy for both professors as well as students to keep an eye on plagiarism and also to preserve the work done by the original academic writers.

It comes with various unique features such as paraphrase detection, detection of bad citations, multilingual detection, online editor, report downloading feature, coloration of different forms of plagiarism, use of SSL browsing technology, detailed report services etc.

There is no harm in using your original work multiple times but make a note that the work used should be correctly cited to avoid any problems.

So, to help yourself avoid plagiarism and make sure that your work is 100% original, use this amazing plagiarism checker tool called Plagrammeand rest assured that you are free from any form of Plagiarism.

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