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The Marketing Perspective Of “I Am CBD, I Am THC” Video Series

CBD oil is increasingly popular in the United States. These are oils that have important properties for kicking opioids and other drugs, replacing their full role in treating chronic pain. For information, opioids are responsible for approximately 60% of all drug deaths in the United States. Instead of reducing pain, opioid use has been associated with many symptoms of overdose and this is confirmed by the official government website, DrugAbuse.gov. This site was specifically created to highlight drug abuse by citizens of the United States and unfortunately, the bad trend has continued to strengthen in recent years, especially in vulnerable groups such as war veterans.

The Marketing Perspective Of “I Am CBD, I Am THC” Video Series

Some of the war veterans throughout the country carry chronic diseases followed by post-traumatic stress disorder, better known as PTSD. During this time they are very dependent on opioids and other drugs which unfortunately, instead of reducing their suffering, these drugs actually cause symptoms of addiction which can lead to death. CBD oil is made to overcome this global problem. There are millions of people throughout the United States who are addicted to painkillers and they are certainly not far from death.

Can CBD oil reduce or even eliminate dependence on classical medicine?

CBD oil has gone through a series of tests from independent institutions and has been shown to be able to regulate or improve the flow of pain signals in the brain. Some studies have even moved further by ensuring that there has been a significant reduction in deaths in a number of states related to the use of CBD oil on a regular basis. In these states, a decrease in deaths from PTSD was reported and to note, the majority of these deaths were caused by suicide. In other words, the CBD seems to have been shown to be able to “improve the mind” to prevent all destructive actions for oneself, one of which is suicide.

The campaign

Along with the popularity of the CBD, Diamond CBD as a CBD oil producer is trying to educate the public by launching a “Get a Mac” ad campaign that is packaged in a series of educational online videos. “I am CBD, I am THC” video series have been launched to educate the public about the benefits of CBD and THC for reducing trauma from PTSD. Not only discussing medical aspects, the video series also discusses legal aspects, side effects and all matters relating to CBD oil and its application safely.

Storytelling is relevant to brand strengthening

Storytelling is one of the important elements in strengthening the brand. This is the art of communication to help each listener in understanding and building the personal meaning of each message delivered. It should be noted, a good story inspires people and in the world of marketing, a good product story will arouse someone’s emotions to buy. Diamond CBD promotes by telling stories. Through stories they try to build emotional closeness with each client and prospective client. Emotional closeness will ultimately create a dependency between the two parties (Diamond CBD and the clients).

Positive emotions related to recovery from PTSD

Positive emotions arising from the needy relationship between Diamond CBD and the clients will ultimately accelerate healing. Healing psychological disorders cannot only be based on medical solutions, in this case CBD oil. CBD oil plays an important role in restoring the traffic of chemical compounds in the brain but still must be supported by what is called a healthy psychological condition which in this case can be created from sincere support. I am CBD, I am THC video series helps every person with PTSD and other anxiety disorders to restore their sense of security as naturally as possible. The video series educates the public in humor packages and classic nuances so that every message, especially about the difference between CBD and THC, can be absorbed.

With I am CBD, I am THC video series Diamond CBD gives an example of marketing

With the video series Diamond CBD sets an example of marketing about what must be done to market the product through storytelling. Broadly speaking, a good storytelling strategy must include brand values, elements of excitement, brand excellence, hooks to persuade and other positive things.

The video series is very relevant to the message to be conveyed to the public. From these videos you can learn a lot about how to play with the emotions of your prospective customers. These videos offer something important, positive emotions. Positive emotions are a powerful impetus for healing; even in some cases this is more important than the medical action itself. Some important points that can be taken in the marketing perspective are:

The Marketing Perspective Of “I Am CBD, I Am THC” Video Series

Become authentic

Diamond CBD tries to be authentic so that whenever people feel that they have a psychological disorder related to PTSD, they will remember CBD oil for the first time.

Positive emotions are very important in marketing

As mentioned above, in many cases positive emotions have an important role in healing. I am CBD, I am THC offers positive emotions along with medical explanations in friendly languages.
Become a reliable source of information

What is better than being a trusted source of information? By becoming a trusted source of information for your prospective customers, they will automatically contact you if they experience anything related to your campaign.


Explaining the difference between CBD and THC does not have to be a complicated approach. Prospective customers can absorb information more if the messages are given in the simplest possible way.

Real experience

In many cases, experience is more important than just theory. With I am CBD, I am THC video series, Diamond CBD seeks to share real experiences that can inspire people to buy products.


Every message delivered by I am CBD, I am THC video series is credible and credibility is very important for any company to survive amidst a competitive pool.

What can be concluded?

The Cannabis industry is growing rapidly and I am CBD, I am THC video series provides a good example for all of us about how a company can remain competitive by providing interesting educational media to watch. These videos offer more in-depth explanations in “language” that are easily understood to the wider community and to ensure that each message can be delivered clearly, the Creative Propulsion Labs is involved. The Miami-based company is fully responsible for all the processes involved in making these educational videos. To be honest, promotion is very important no matter how good the product is sold. Likewise with Diamond CBD’s efforts to restore many sufferers of PTSD, they all need a natural and touching campaign which in this case is represented by I am CBD, I am THC video series.

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