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The Journey from Real Cricket to Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. People across all age groups have been following cricket ardently for several decades. Cricket is believed to be a religion in India and Indian cricketers are worshipped as gods. Famous cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Sourav Ganguly, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Jasprit Bumrah, Virender Sehwag and to name a few, have a huge fan following across India. They are even more popular than politicians and celebrities. The craze for cricket is unparalleled as compared to other sports in India. Indians are so fond of cricket that most of them have dreamt of playing the sport in an Indian jersey.

Real Cricket to Fantasy Cricket

The game of Cricket has undergone significant changes over the last several years, with the advent of technology and the internet and the emergence of new formats of the game. Being a country with a rapid increase in the youth population created a niche for the potential of sports and fun activities. Cricket is a main sport for most of the population and fantasy cricket games came into huge demand. The transfer from real cricket to fantasy cricket was tend to happen as the fans got interested in playing cricket games to benefit themselves. The essence of Real Cricket seems to have slowly vanished due to the rising popularity of Fantasy Cricket.

Real Cricket is played on the field with the bat and ball and two teams of 11 players. Real Cricket is often referred to as a traditional form of cricket which is played for 5 days and each team gets two innings to score runs and take wickets. Indeed, real cricket has a rich story and it has produced the greatest players of all time. Over the years, Real Cricket has gone through a lot of changes and new formats of the game were introduced. These new formats of cricket have led to the creation of new fan bases. T20 cricket is the most popular format for over a decade. The format was introduced in 2003 and it became popular when the inaugural edition of the T20 World Cup was held in South Africa. T20 Cricket paved the way for the emergence of T20 leagues around the world including the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Lanka Premier League (LPL), and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

Over the last few years, Real Cricket has made its way into Fantasy Cricket, where fans become active participants in the game. The phenomenon of Fantasy Cricket came into existence over a decade ago, but it has become popular over the last few years. It is a platform where users can create a fantasy team of real-life players. Cricket fans can unleash their passion for the game while playing Fantasy Cricket. Moreover, the platform allows the fans to utilize their knowledge and understanding of the game to defeat their opponents and win exciting cash rewards. There has been a significant increase in the number of users playing Fantasy Cricket over the last few years, especially from the 2020 Lockdown period. It is expected to flourish in the coming years. The growing popularity of the T20 Leagues around the world contributed to the success of Fantasy Cricket.

Playing Fantasy Cricket is simple. You have to pick a team of 11 players in your Fantasy team. In your team, you should have at least four batters, two all-rounders, a wicketkeeper and four bowlers. Make sure that you pick the players based on their recent performances rather than merely looking at their stats. Importantly, you must choose your captain and vice-captain carefully as the performing Captain adds 2x points while Vice-captain adds 1.5x points. After selecting the team, you have to choose the contest or league in which you would like to participate. At the end of the match, you will receive points based on your players’ real-life performances in the match.

The journey from Real Cricket to Fantasy Cricket has undoubtedly been an incredible one. However, the rise of Fantasy Cricket can be ascribed to the advent of new technologies such as the internet and mobile phones.  The technologies have made fans easy to access information about the game and they have also made it easier to participate in virtual leagues. Furthermore, the affordability of smartphones led to more users playing Fantasy Cricket.

The transposition of Real Cricket to Fantasy Cricket has indeed added a new dimension to the game in order to make cricket a more interactive and engaging experience for the fans. The emergence of new technologies and new formats of cricket will continue to shape the game and it would be interesting to see how it evolves in the coming years. Now you can, play fantasy cricket online and win daily cash prizes.

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