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The Best Text Scanner: Easy Screen OCR For Mobile

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a software method that lets a computer to read and extract text from pictures. The need for OCR tools was felt terribly in the modern era. This is because, in this digital world, copy-paste does not work on the text in the images. Hence, this is where OCR tools come into play. And one such OCR tool is Easy Screen OCR for mobile. Let us have a detailed look at the tool:

The Best Text Scanner: Easy Screen OCR For Mobile


Why use using Easy Screen OCR?

The Easy Screen OCR has a number of features to attract users. Here are some:

  • You can use your iPad to iPhone to begin scanning instantly. With the help of this tool, you can extract words, text, and handwritings on any images.
  • You can select photos or images from the album.
  • The tool can translate into more than 20 languages.
  • The tool can recognize more than 50 languages from any images.
  • The tool can scan blackboard or whiteboard to text.
  • The tool can scan handwriting to text.
  • The tool can crop images before OCR.
  • The tool supports auto-detection.
  • The tool can edit and share the OCR/Translation results.
  • The tool can export the results as .txt/.pdf files.
  • The tool can store your recent scan history on your mobile device.
  • The tool can check the results with the original photos or images.
  • The tool supports signing your Google account and synchronizing your Pro member between all your iOS or Android devices.

Now that you had a look at the features of the app, let us have an overview of the tool.

Easy Screen OCR: Overview

The Easy Screen OCR for mobile app is very simpleton use. Users can either use the camera OCR or the text translator feature. The camera OCR feature allows you to translate any text from the image by just clicking a photo. In addition to this, the app can also scan any image in your device and extract the text from it. You can then copy the text on your clipboard for further use.

Not only the conversion process of the app is easy but also its UI. The app’s UI is user-friendly and users do not need any technical knowledge to use the app. Also, you the highest quality output in as little time as possible.

Speaking more of the app, users get to use the Easy Screen OCR for mobile for free. The app offers 6 credits for free to users daily. You can also earn extra credits if you chose to watch ads. This is one of the reasons as to why the app is well-liked among users.

Having said this, the Easy Screen OCR for mobile is the perfect app for you if you need to extract text from images.

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