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The Best Rowing Machine Workouts to Get You Summer Ready

A rowing machine is undoubtedly the best thing you can get for working out at home. Even at the gym, it is machinery that is simply ignored because people just aren’t aware of all of the good that it is capable of doing to your body.

Best Rowing Machine Workouts

Rowing Workouts

You can do different workouts with a rowing machine, and surprisingly, you can actually target a majority of your body with the variety of workouts that rowing provides you with. Without further ado, let us simply get into them.

The 2000-Meter Mix Up

This is a very intense workout that requires you to set the rower for 2000 meters and the timer. While the timer works indefinitely, it is best to try and finish under 20 mins. How does it work? You start off by setting your rower for 2000 meters, and then as you begin rowing, get off after every minute on the timer.

At every point that you’re off, do a weighted hollow rock ladder. This is essentially an exercise for your core, and as the name suggests, you also can use weights with it.

The concept of it is to imitate a rocking chair, and you do this with your arms and legs extended as you’re on your back. Every time you get off, add more and more to the number of hollow rocks that you do by one.

The Row and Burpee Challenge

There’s nothing better than a challenge that requires you to do only the best, and in case you fall short, you only have to do more exercise. In this case, that exercise is a burpee. Essentially a burpee is just a push up with a jump, but when you have to do them as making up for a failed challenge, you’ll definitely try your best not to fail.

The challenge is to do five 500 meter rows, but the catch is, you have to finish each row in 100 seconds. You can rest for 5 minutes between each round, but if you fail to finish under a minute and 40 seconds, do all the extra seconds converted to the number of burpees.

Row to Hell

This workout by the veteran trainer Bobby Maximus is one that provides you both a good amount of rest and exercise. For that, you need a partner, and you both provide each other equal resting periods. How does this work?

Start by rowing 500 meters and then getting off as soon as you’re done and allowing your partner to row the same amount. As soon as they’re done, get back on instantly and row for 400 meters. Repeat this and decrease by 100 meters each time.

The Calorie Count-Up

This is a workout that starts off easier than it finishes, hence the name. It has a built in warm up to itself because of the nature of the exercise. For this, you have to challenge yourself against time again for the proper workout.

There’s a target goal that you have to meet under every minute. For the first minute, you’ll row to burn 5 calories before time is. You may rest until the next minute begins, and then you go for 6 calories for that minute.

This is a versatile exercise the target to which you can set according to yourself. The recommended time is 15 mins of work, but you can obviously go for more too.


Conclusively, there is a wide variety of rowing machine workouts that you can do to get your fit on with a rowing machine, so don’t hesitate too much in thinking about getting one and just get one!

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