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The Best Hosting For WordPress With Reviews

Talking about the best hosting for WordPress, it is important to know the points you need to consider in the first place. The hosting, on the other hand, is one of the most crucial things when it comes to a WordPress blog or website. It determines the health of your website and features you can give to your audience.

The Best Hosting For WordPress With Reviews

But, how do you know is hosting is the best hosting for WordPress. In this article, we will show you things to consider to choose a hosting along with the review of several hosting websites. The hosting providers we have reviewed are the best across the world today.

5 Important Factors to Consider

Check the server requirements. The hosting should meet the latest requirements of WordPress. Other than that, it is better if the speed is fast. If your website loads more than one second then you better change your hosting immediately. The uptime is also varied but you better keep it 99.95% or more. If the uptime is constantly below the percentage number, you should consider changing your hosting.

When it comes to a product, it should also be equipped with excellent customer support. 24.7 live chat is what we want for sure. Other than that, its pricing should be fair, upfront, and transparent.

3 Best WordPress Hosting Service


Bluehost is pretty popular today. It is also touted as the best hosting service for WordPress websites. With more than 99.98 percent of average uptime and 375 ms of average speed, this hosting service leads the market. For the support, Bluehost provides 24.7 live chat that will give users fast responses compared to other hosting providers.

Bluehost supports the latest requirements of WordPress along with SSL so you can make a website as you like with reliable hosting. This is beginner-friendly and its performance is impressive yet reliable.


When it comes to the best hosting service for WordPress, you cannot put HostGator out of the frame. It provides more than 99.99 percent average uptime with 425 ms average speed. Just like the previous hosting provider, it also provides live chat customer support 24/7. On the other hand, they are real people and will give you fast responses.

Other things you would like about HostGator might be its cheap price with tons of features. While it becomes a very reliable hosting provider, it also offers free site migration for certain types of subscriptions. Also, you can enjoy unlimited emails for your website.


The next on the list is SiteGround. It provides at least 99.9 percent average uptime with 671 ms average speed. As one of the best hosting services, SiteGround provides 24.7 live chat with tons of features that meet the latest requirements of WordPress. You will find many tutorials on operating the hosting.

You will also get various perks such as multiple datacenters and good support for WordPress. Other than that, it has enhanced speed and security optimizations for better performance. And this is anything you need to know about the best hosting for WordPress.

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