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The Best Gaming Mice 2017?

For the passionate PC gamer, it makes sense to use a gaming mouse in combination with a powerful gaming computer. Because of this, and thanks to the growing popularity of gaming, more and more manufacturers have focused on producing high-quality gaming mice. In this context, the brands Corsair, Razor, Logitech and Asus ensure that the right gaming peripherals are available. But which gaming mouse is recommended for real gamers and what should be considered in the selection? Each individual gaming mouse has advantages and disadvantages, and we have reviewed some of the best for you.

Best Gaming Mice 2017

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SteelSeries Rival 700 – For Pro Gamers

These are for both casual gamers as well as the real hardcore or pro-gamers, whose demands on a high-quality mouse are different. The beginning of our list of the best gaming mice is the SteelSeries Rival 700, which is a popular choice amongst gamers, and especially e-athletes who have to rely on high-end technology.This model offers an OLED display, which is great for customising the mouse when combined with the vibrating tactile feedback. The SteelSeries Rival 700 is a modular gaming mouse with an RGB light function, individually adjustable DPI settings up to 16,000 as well as an 8,000 laser sensor. Each individual sensor can be customised according to your requirements, which are very practical and provides an excellent user experience.

The SteelSeries Rival 700 is only available in a right-handed version so left-handers may not find it as comfortable as a dedicated left-handed or ambidextrous mouse. It is a very good gaming mouse, which is especially suitable for pro-gamers due to the features, the very good haptic feedback and the solid processing. The classic styling of this mouse makes it a perfect addition to any gamer’s rig whether playing MMO, RPG, FPS, action, combative, sports or even slots or table games such as those found at 888casino. Even though it is packed with features it is not outwardly overcomplicated and it would not look out of place on any PC.

For a small budget – Razer DeathAdder

Whilst many of the premium mice currently available have a retail price in excess of £100, Razor’s DeathAdder mouse is a mid-tier offering priced between £40 and £55 on average.

This mouse took the gaming scene by storm, mainly due to the solid price-performance ratio. In this Mouse, Razer have revised the chroma lighting system and added more features, all of which can be easily controlled by the gamer using the Razer Synapse 2.0 software. Overall, this RGB implementation is one of the best the market has to offer. Therefore, if you put a great value on this option, you are usually very well served with the Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse.

The mouse Razer DeathAdder offers an optical sensor with a total of 10,000 DPI. This can of course be adapted individually, which is the case with almost all gaming mice from this list. With this modern sensor, movements with the mouse can be performed comfortably and safely with a speed of 500 centimetres / second with an acceleration of maximum 50 G. In addition, the Razer DeathAdder offers an ergonomic design for right-handers as well as 5 independently programmable buttons. Esports gamers will be pleased to see that there is a dedicated eSports variant of this mouse that comes in both left-handed and right-handed versions.

The best MMO Gaming Mouse – Asus ROG Spatha

For all fans of World of Warcraft and similar titles from the MMO genre, the Asus ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse is recommended. As the name Spatha already suggests, this mouse has an aggressive design. Asus sells the ROG Spatha within the gamer-tuned “Republic of Gamers” product series and offers a great gaming mouse, which provides some impressive features including 12 programmable buttons and impressive RGB effects, the sync option for other Asus products from the ROG series is also present. The motherboard, the graphics card or the Asus Gaming keyboard can be easily combined with this gaming mouse.

Above all, visually, this gaming mouse is one of the most aesthetically beautiful gaming mice for real gamers. Asus uses, among other things, a magnesium alloy as well as traditional and modern materials, which really have to be seen close up to be appreciated. In contrast to the competition, the Asus ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse is heavier which has led to some gamers stating that it is not as easy to manipulate as other gaming mice. The technical highlights include 12 individually configurable buttons and the 8,200 DPI sensor. In addition, the Asus ROG Spatha can be used both wirelessly and cable-bound. There are no limits to the possibilities of use. The RGB lighting function performs similarly other RGB enabled mice. The exclusive ROG Armoury interface makes programming the buttons light work and once the buttons are mapped they can be saved to profiles in the mouse’s build in flash memory making this a great option for MMOs.

Wireless gaming mouse – Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

It is certainly no surprise for you that this list also includes a model of the well-known manufacturer Logitech. Whether you are looking for keyboards, speakers, or headphones, Logitech is well represented in almost every gamer’s category, and of course, it also produces solid gaming mice like the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum One of their premium models, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse is a direct rival of the Asus Spatha and the Razer Ouroboros and is priced within the same range.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum can be used with either cable or wireless. The PMW3366 optical sensor provides great performance and can be set between 200 and 12,000 DPI. This model is often used by the best eSports professionals. For individual configuration, you can use the Logitech software suite, which is easy to use. Being Logitech’s premium offering, it’s no surprise that you can count on the best features here including buttons that can be moved from left to right making the mouse friendly for both left-handed and right-handed gamers.

Best Gaming Mice 2017

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The most buttons on a mouse – Corsair SCIMITAR RGB

Corsair’s Scimitar RGB mouse is built with the MMO and MOBA gamer in mind. AS well as the standard button configuration the Scimitar RGB has a 12-button pad on the left-hand side making a total of 17 programable buttons on this mouse. The button pad itself can slide back and forward to aid ergonomic positioning of the buttons which can themselves be programmed with Corsair’s Utility Engine software. In addition, a powerful 12,000 DPI sensor provides a precise gaming experience and can also be adjusted like others on this list. The dynamic backlighting also sets good optical accents when playing.

What you have to consider when you buy a gaming mouse:

Many gaming mice are now very smart and can be individually programmed with the manufacturer’s software. The automatic mouse correction can be error-prone depending on the model and the brand but as the manufacturers offer the creation of gamer profiles it makes sense to have them backed up as the player can use them to determine which keys should be used and re-flash them as required. This is great especially for users who play a lot of games as you can quickly and easily switch between the profiles.

Weight is also very important when it comes to assessing a gaming mouse. Depending on the user, however, the performance may or may not be affected. Recently, however, there are many manufacturers that deliver mice with individually adjustable weights, providing more options for users to customise the way the mouse feels. When building or upgrading a computer especially for gaming, a lot of attention is given to the internal components of the PC itself and often the mouse is the last thing to be considered. However, those who use a mouse for extended periods of time either through gaming or work will appreciate the importance of good ergonomics in a mouse not only to be easier to use and enhance performance but also to prevent injury. The mouse also needs to be able to perform at the same level or better than the user when it comes to gaming but this is less important for the casual user.

When all is said and done, you would be wise to choose the right mouse that fits you and the way you use your computer. Whether it is for gaming, working or just browsing the web, the choice is yours and could be just a point and a click away.

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