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The Best Dota 2 Heroes For A Newbie

The beginner period is usually the worst for anyone, in every domain. You’re inexperienced, have no vast knowledge, and you don’t know where to start either. This is the case with Dots 2 too, a famous game known for its history, massive hero pool and complexity. Besides, making a Dota 2 bet on reputable Dota 2 betting sites is hard given you don’t know how the game works, so it’s unlikely for you to know which teams are good.

The Best Dota 2 Heroes For A Newbie

If you’re eager to get into this MOBA game despite the initial difficulty level, here are some heroes you could try out until getting accustomed to it.

  1. Ogre Magi

If you want to play support, then Ogre Magi is surely a great choice. Although he is not good if you like playing range characters because he has no such attack, he has outstanding strength. He has a great chance to hit the target multiple times thanks to a skill called Multicast, which makes him dangerous to enemies. Of course, he’s not the best hero but for a learning beginner, he’s surely a great choice and you could beat your opponents.

  1. Sniper

Sniper is a favorite choice for many beginners when it comes to ranged attacks. He’s very good at dealing with lots of damage from long range and he can slow his enemies too. The perk is that he doesn’t have so many available skills to be used, so you have to rely on building items in order to rebuff right-click damage. As such, skills that you are going to use will grow the likelihood of damaging the members of the other team.

If you learn how to use him, he is surely one of the best heroes for newbies.

  1. Viper

Viper is one of those heroes that you can use to get on the nerves of your enemies, from the very beginning. Just like the name suggests a snake, this hero uses poison, which you can inflict through biting. If you have a friend who uses a melee hero with a wide number of skills, you will be a deadly team. Choose Viper if you want to have some fun slowing down and damaging an enemy.

  1. Crystal Maiden

For any newbie, Crystal Maiden is one good pick because it lets you run your teammates. It’s a good support hero that lets you learn the basics of picking this type of character. But aside from healing, she’s good at combat too, being able to freeze off the enemies or stun them. If this is what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to choose her.

Before you learn more into the game and bet in Dota 2, you need to learn more about heroes. These heroes are a good start for beginners, so you should not refrain from choosing them.

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