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The Best Cheap Kitchen Gadgets to Get On a Budget

Is the kitchen your happy place? Do you love cooking up a storm but can’t always afford the flashy equipment? We’ve searched far and wide to discover the ultimate kitchen gadgets that you can buy on a budget. From the new ice cream makers to technical digital scales, you can easily get everything you need to make your dishes more creative for less than $50.

Ice Cream Makers 

It may surprise you, but you can get the best ice cream maker on the cheap. This kitchen gadget is a dream if you love your frozen treats. From luxurious Italian gelato to zingy sorbet, you can use it to make the most delicious desserts at your leisure. Look out for models that include a freezer bowl for additional convenience.


A lot of people go back and forth on whether to get a spiralizer. You don’t want a one trick pony, a gadget that you will use once before hiding it away in the back of your closet. Here’s why you should consider buying a spiralizer: It’s great inspiration to eat more healthily as you can ‘spiralize’ almost anything from carrots to pears; fake noodles or ‘zoodles’ made taste amazing and will impress your friends; and there’s an increasing amount of recipe books that are based around this gadget. For something cheap and cheerful, it’s a good investment.

Soda Makers 

We love our soda but the kind you buy at the store is usually filled with sugar and additives. If carbonated drinks are your thing then you should definitely invest in a home soda maker. These bubbly gadgets can carbonate almost any beverage from refreshing water to ice coffee. Experiment with different flavors and don’t forget to add your favorite garnish at the end. For more inspiration, find out more at The Gadget Nerds.

Digital Scales 

A set of scales is an essential kitchen gadget that will allow you to measure out ingredients and portions accurately. The great news is that modern digital scales have hit rock bottom prices in stores including Walmart, so now you can bag yourself one at a bargain. This will make your life a lot easier especially if you’re a baker, or if you’re following a healthy diet that requires you to monitor your nutrition. It’s a no-brainer!

A Stick Blender 

Sure, a big food processor is the best for mashing our foods but it comes with an eye-watering price tag. If you can’t stretch that far, a smart stick blender is the next best thing. This handy tool can help you make mashed potatoes, soups and smoothies in just a few minutes. It’s convenient, portable and easy to clean – a must-have for any home cook. You can check Blender Authority for buying guides and tips.

The Griddle Pan 

If you love barbequed food but don’t have a grill in your kitchen, you need to try the trendy griddle. A griddle is simply a non-stick pan with ridges that will emulate the appearance of food that is cooked on a real grill. It does so using raised ridges that create charred lines. You can cook almost anything on a griddle, from grilled chicken breast to bacon and even pancakes. Another benefit is that you won’t have to use much oil in your cooking as you cook the food fast at a high heat. It’s abest seller at Target for a reason!

These are a handful of ideas of how you can let your inner cook shine in the kitchen, and have a ton of fun in the process. Before you buy, be sure to check out online reviews to make sure that your hard earned cash is being well spent.

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