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The 20 Best Thai Fruits in Thailand

Thailand has some fantastic fruits! The land is fertile, the climate is good, so fruits of all kinds grow in Thailand. There are many exotic species well-worth trying. Thailand`s mainland, the region close to Koh Chang, and Chanthaburi province are the top places where fruit trees grow. If you travel to Thailand, consider trying some of these best 20 Thai fruits.

Thai Fruits in Thailand

  1. Pineapple is one of the most exported fruits of Thailand. They grow everywhere, and there are many different types and tastes to try. Some are larger and sweeter, and others are juicier.
  2. Mango is another delicious fruit, best consumed when it is still green rather than yellow. The Thai way of eating is sliced mango dipped in chili, sugar, and salt.
  3. Durian is another Thai delicacy to try. There are various tastes of this fruit, and all of them taste differently. Some have mushy flesh, and some have a crunchier texture, similar to an apple.
  4. Papaya is a fruit you can find all year long, commonly eaten when it is still green. That is probably the best fruit to start with if you are a beginner at trying exotic fruits.
  5. Coconuts in Thailand taste differently than coconuts in other parts of the world. Young Thai coconuts have soft and thin flesh, which you can scoop and eat with a spoon. Thai coconuts are a bit bitter but also very refreshing.
  6. Mangosteen is attractive fruit with rich flavors. It looks odd, and it requires opening a few layers to reach the flesh.
  7. Bananas are also top Thai fruit, with several varieties available. It is best to skip the large bananas and go for the smaller ones rich in flavor. Besides eating them raw, you can also get them cooked in dishes.
  8. Guava is crunchy, bright green fruit available all year long. Also known as Farang, this fruit has a lovely flavor.
  9. Jackfruit is the largest of all Thai fruits, weighing up to twenty or more kilos. This fruit has multiple sections of meat, and the flavor is difficult to explain. It is best to taste it and see it for yourself.
  10. Pomelo tastes like a mixture of orange and grapefruit. It has a sweet, juicy taste.
  11. Dragonfruit – fruit with a size of a baseball, coming from a cactus tree. It has nutritious white flesh and is best consumed chilled.
  12. Snake Fruit – white flesh with a mix of sour and sweet flavors.
  13. Rambutan – red skin and translucent flesh, sweet, and rich texture fruit.
  14. Rose apple – rooks like a pear, pink color, and crispy texture. A very refreshing fruit.
  15. Longan – small and sweet fruit, found mainly in the northern part of Thailand.
  16. Custard Apple – strange-looking fruit with mushy inside.
  17. Lychee – pink skinned fruit with a distinct flavour.
  18. Langsat – fruit with five segments inside.
  19. Starfruit – sour fruit with low sugar content but full of antioxidants and flavonoids.
  20. Jujube – another sour fruit, usually consumed as part of  drinks.
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