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Technology Advancements Mean Same Day Delivery is Vital for All Businesses

Advancements in technology and the greater influence the internet has on all our lives has led to many changes in business models. Consumer demand has changed to the point that convenience trumps all, with the trend for same day deliveries transferring from ecommerce to high street retailers.

Same Day Delivery is Vital for All Businesses

Currys PC World was one of the latest major high street retailers to begin offering same day delivery of its products. These days it seems that because of past and future technology advancements, for any business to be successful it must provide a same day delivery service.

The Rise of Online and Mobile Ordering

Ecommerce changed the buying habits of most consumers, offering an easy way to compare products and prices on line to make purchasing decisions. Over the last decade, advancements in smartphone technology have seen this market quickly catch up with online ecommerce.

So much so that across the 2017 Black Friday weekend, smartphones were the most used device, accounting for 41% of sales compared to desktop computers (38%) in second. The convenience of ordering via mobile means many consumers also expect the convenience of products arriving ASAP.

Is Same Day Delivery Viable for Retailers?

While same day delivery may be wonderful for consumers, there are questions over whether it is viable or even necessary for all types of business. Many consumers expect it to be an option when they get to the checkout, but uptake has bee slow, given the often expensive costs attached to the service.

Those willing to pay extra for same day delivery will usually be tempted by time-specific slots and rather pay more for this service. Instead, lower cost next-day delivery and saver schemes are more popular with many consumers, except for ordering more urgent items such as groceries or last-minute gifts.

Future of Same Day Deliveries

Technology looks set to play an important part in the future of same day deliveries. Various companies are already trialling the likes of dronesto provide rapid delivery of orders in an innovative fashion. Others are investigating the possibility of using self-driving robots to make small deliveries, along with smart delivery boxes. Then there’s the creative app which will allow consumers to remotely open these boxes or their cars to allow for a delivery to be made while they’re away.

The technology which has allowed same day delivery to become a common offering by many businesses looks set to develop even further, providing greater convenience and opening up more opportunities.

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