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Study Strategies for 11+ Exam 2021

September 2021 marks the day of the next 11+ Exam!

11+ Exam is a grammar school exam that gauges the academic ability and comprehension of a pupil. This is a selective entrance examination, although it is still a prerequisite to getting into grammar school in the United Kingdom. The objective is to be able to get ahead of the children’s educational path at an early age—these pupils enrolled in grammar school have more advantages getting a university degree than those who are not.

Study Strategies for 11+ Exam 2021

Grammar school UK ranking can get daunting for parents and even intimidate the child with the thought of taking such exams. This is why practise is an essential part of the process. In preparation for these grammar school tests, one must be familiarized with the coverage of the following main areas of topic: english, math, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.

Make use of these study strategies for the next Eleven-Plus exam:

  • Stick to a study schedule

You can easily monitor the daily activity of your child with the KidSmart application. Setting a routine to study sets a foundation for good habits.

Allow your child to learn at any time of the day with the availability of KidSmart’s 24/7 online tutor support, at the rate of £35 per hour. These professional tutors are committed to aiding the learning experience of the child, and also support the parents through this journey.

  • Keep track of the learning progress

KidSmart has a Topic Wise Progress feature wherein you can check how far your child has gone on each subject by topic and subtopics. Recognize which areas your child requires more assistance and customise their learning plan.

The subjects english and math would often follow the National Curriculum. Visit the KidSmart app to gain access to 11 plus english worksheets and 11 plus maths questions to practise with. Fortunately, KidSmart saw the power of technology, integrating both learning exercises and fun activities. In the KidSmart app, children can further develop their skills in a manner in which they can enjoy the process.

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses

Another factor to keep in mind is that these tests are time limited and the typical duration is around 45-60 minutes. It is encouraged that children should begin with non-timed practice in order to maximize the learning, but also with timed mock tests to reinforce the disposition of the real examination.

KidSmart contains the feature of curated services that allows you to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your child. These individualized offerings give you the potential to strategize specifically to their academic profile, and is an efficient way to manage your child’s studying time. With the help of KidSmart’s Strength Review, you can give light on the various attributes such as speed, accuracy, concentration, and more. Set a goal on the app and then help your child commit to their learning plan.

KidSmart has got you and your child’s learning needs covered! Explore the variety of program offers available at our website.

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