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Stay Ahead of the Curve: Earn A Blockchain Certification Today!

Unstoppable demand for blockchain rages the job market like a wildfire. Still, in its infancy, the technology is causing a global endemic. By 2024, Transparency Marker Research predicted that the blockchain market will accumulate a revenue worth $20Bn. With major potential like cost reduction in the financial market, this technology is on the verge adding business value worth $176Bn by 2025.  Ever since the emergence of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, there has been a significant rise in the blockchain.

With several industries looking to invest in the new age technology, the current statistics estimate a business value worth over $360Bn in 2026, and $3.1Tn by 2030. Tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, FedEx, Walmart and Bank of America have embraced the technology that underlies bitcoin to upscale business growth and an increase in transparency.

But why Blockchain?

Organizations, business experts, and business leaders have highlighted the impact of how the distributed ledger technology is transforming businesses. For starters, here’s a quick glance of why we trust blockchain.

  • Cost Cutting

Cost reduction is easily done by eliminating the third party that generally manages the transactions and records.

  • Tracing the Capability

Blockchain in logistics and service deliveries calls for real-time monitoring by offering a transparent and immutable ledger system designed. The movement of product and supplies can be monitored – where the shipment has reached; what is the delivery time etc. Everything can be monitored and traced.

  • Transparency

Blockchain eliminates the need for third-party authority to manage transactions, thereby, details are shared within the participant’s network. As a result, data can also be optimized meeting the demands of the industry and complying with regulations.

  • Improved Data Security

It is decentralized, offering data to breakdown into chunks distributing them among a network of computers. For each computer, a node ensures that the data does not result in any data loss. Every transaction that takes place in the blockchain is encrypted and is immutable ensuring security and reliability.

Blockchain related jobs are booming in the industry gaining the attention of job seekers. Albeit hype around blockchain technology, lack of relevant skills is major growth hindrances faced worldwide. Regardless of how much we keep hearing headlines about the abundance of job, it is still an undeniable fact that the industry is in a shortfall of talent. At this stage, almost every industry is intrigued about the concept but is hampered due to the dearth of talent.

The role of blockchain professional such as blockchain developer is said to be in high demand by 33 times, says Emerging Jobs Report, 2018.

U.S. cities that include Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York addresses a high demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency developers. Truth to be told, 70% of the future jobs will require digital skills, although there is a huge mismatch in the supply and demand gap. Blockchain technology has huge potential in the industry, thus increasing demand for skilled professionals in the new age technologies.

To bridge the skill gap we need to help organizations and educational systems integrate blockchain technology.

How to bridge the blockchain skill gap?

It is clear that professionals in this field of expertise have to upskill themselves continually by taking up credible certification programs. Organizations are now encouraging employees and professionals to upskill and acquire skills by educating themselves through blockchain certifications. While several organizations are in a continuous process of creating new job roles, many of those job roles remain vacant and unfilled.

The industry is in dire need for skilled employees with the relevant skillsets since the demand is heightened.

Blockchain Certification aims at 4 major components:

  1. In terms of return and investment, this new age technology is still in its blooming stage. Nonetheless, it is an ideal pathway to stay future ready. Adopting this technology would lead to better job opportunities and higher compensation in the job market today.
  2. The infrastructure of blockchain technology is simple that it barely requires any other kind of infrastructure. Distributed ledger technology and blockchain technology uses the same universal infrastructure, thus, it offers compatibility in the integration and robustness.
  3. Currently, blockchain is still in its nascent stage, the reason being confined to financial transactions, but has a lot of potentials to disrupt other industries.
  4. In the upcoming days, the disruption will be huge in the industry since the transaction will be minimized between two parties without any intervention of a third party or an intermediary.

If you are looking to upgrade your skills – go through these blockchain certification bodies that can help you earn the right blockchain certification:

  • BlockchainCertification – State University of New York

This university provides certifications that are divided into four courses: Basics of Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Apps, and Platforms. Taking up a certification from this program aligns the candidate with an understanding of how to design apps, create smart contracts, and how to execute them.

  • Central Blockchain Council of America

The Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA) provides a range of certification programs for professionals in dominant functions like the business cluster and investment advisory. CBCA offers three globally recognized certifications: Business Blockchain Professional (BBP™), Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE™), and Global Blockchain Leader (GBL™). An ideal platform for professionals and fresh graduates looking to get into a blockchain career.

  • Blockchain Council

The Blockchain Council lineup an array of certification programs and courses covering several aspects in the industry. These programs prepare the candidate to acquire skills in understanding blockchain and how to build applications for businesses that are blockchain based.

  • Blockchain Technology Certification – UC Berkeley

An ideal platform for beginners and intermediate level professionals looking to launch their career in bitcoin and blockchain technology. This program was started by the faculty from UC Berkeley’s premier Computer Science department.

Blockchain remains to be the buzzword in the industry. Speculations are whether or not the technology will outlive and shrink the skill gap. It is by choice that the new age technology has emerged as hype by most executives. But is this just hype?

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