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Spice Up Your Website: Design Trends For 2020

So, you put a lot of effort, time, and money into creating a perfect website for your business, but you feel like you just can’t keep up with the web design trends? Not having a trendy website doesn’t strictly mean that you will “run out of business”, but a good website certainly speaks a lot about your brand.

Spice Up Your Website

The trends in web design are constantly changing, especially in 2020 with the (almost) endless technical possibilities. The leading designers like to experiment with extreme styles, yet there are some popular ones that just won’t go away. For example, minimalism and flat illustrations have been here for a while, right?

Let us guide you quickly on the most popular web design trends for 2020 that you can implement to your website and freshen it up in a glance!

#1 Dark mode

The dark mode is one of the trends that have, let’s say – practical beginnings. Websites started to implement darker colors to their UI since they are more pleasant to the eye. In addition, on a dark background, the colors and design elements literally pop!

“I believe that one of the main trends of 2020 will be dark design, mainly focusing on UI design giving users an option to enable dark theme. Dark backgrounds make design elements stand out more, creating a higher contrast ratio with the use of other colors, but still improving visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain. “- DarkDesign Studio 

#2 3D elements

3D visuals have always been something people admire. The expensive equipment used to create these stunning images was the reason you haven’t been seeing them on many websites. However, nowadays it is quite affordable to get the needed technology and add immersive 3D elements to your website. This is something your users will surely appreciate…until VR becomes more mainstream and cost-effective.

#3 Color blocking 

Color trends change but rich, vibrant colors seem to stand the test of time. Don’t be scared to play with colors, but combine them smartly.

For example, when the OSM team created a color palette for their re-designed website, they combined the colors “to create unlikely combinations that are dynamic, yet manage to retain discernible contrast”. They are certainly a good example to check out since the new site was even praised by Elementor!

#4 A mixture of photos and graphics 

By using real photos paired with graphics, or even illustrations you can create a more customized message to communicate to your visitors. No matter if you are in the e-commerce or finance industry – this is a great way to support your branding even more.

Speaking of which, to make the most of this flexible trend, make sure the graphics are well-matched with your brand guidelines.

#5 (Even more) minimalist navigation 

Video and voice script are already more favorable than the written content. Website visitors have less time and want to consume information as quickly as possible.

In addition, the rise of smartwatches and other wearable devices are tending to make the design as simple as possible. In the last few years, we’ve seen that the navigation has been getting simpler and the trends state that it will be extremely minimalist. The main idea is to make sure the user doesn’t have to think much about moving around. Instead, he should be engaged with the site’s content

With simpler navigation, large-scale photos and videos are a new chance to impress users!

#6 Hand-drawn design elements

If you are wondering how to inject some humanity and emotion into your website here’s a great trend to check out: imperfect, hand-drawn design elements!

By adding some “realness” to your design you will spice up your website with emotions and positivity – and just who doesn’t want that?!

Start with some hand-drawn icons or small elements and check your users’ on-site behavior often and see how they interact with your drawings.

Looking forward to the new trends!

As you can see, the new web design trends are embracing futurism, attention-grabbing colors, effects, and much more. All in all, the upcoming trends are not only going to add a fresh look to your website but they are fun to experiment with!

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