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Software Development Company – How to Choose The Best One

Do you need to develop mobile or web applications for your company? The best way to accomplish it is to outsource a software development company. How to choose the best one? There are several companies with years of expertise—such as Prolifogy Software & Consulting Services, just to name one—ready to offer their services. This task may seem simple, but there are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration while making a decision.

Software Development Company

Read reviews and ask for recommendations

Check different platforms to read reviews. Focus on several companies you are interested in. Seek for trustworthy and thorough reviews. What you should be looking for is the most cost-effective company. Do not settle on the cheapest option because, after the lowest prices, high-quality services very seldom follow. Always remember that for the services of an experienced professional, there must be an adequate price. Too low prices should raise your suspicion.

If you feel that reviews do not do it justice, you can always ask the company you would likely hire to send you a few clients’ recommendations. If the company is indeed professional and experienced, there should not be any problem.

Is it worth it to hire an offshore software development company?

Well, it depends. Without a doubt, clear communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to hiring another company. And with offshoring, there is always a possibility of a misunderstanding occurring. But offshoring, overall, is not a bad idea.

If you decide to go that way, you should outsource to a company from the region that is known for its technical expertise. One such region is Poland, which is considered by different sources to be one of the best places to seek offshoring software development companies.

Polish software development companies are known to hire highly educated, experienced software developers with a perfect technical background who speak English fluently. Moreover, Poland provides the best cost-effective software development services.

Sometimes there is a need for the software development company to be physically near you, but most of the time, this is irrelevant. You should seriously consider offshoring or at least near shoring.

Hiring developers instead of outsourcing a company

There are two options to develop new software: Hiring software developers as employees or outsourcing a software development company. Though the first option is now seldom chosen. Here are some advantages of outsourcing:

  • It saves money. Even up to 20% of a total project price can be saved by offshoring, without compromising on lower service quality. Among other things, savings come from the fact that you do not have to invest in the new technology.
  • It requires less engagement. Outsourcing a company lets you focus on the main tasks without any distractions. Everything regarding developing an application’s software will be managed by professionals.
  • You do not need to be a software development expert yourself. You just have to outsource to a reliable software development company.

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