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Snowboarding-A Smart Guide To Having The Best Time

Are you planning on a winter vacation to a hilly area? And is your choice of recreational activity snowboarding? And are you a total amateur at it? Worry not, here is a guide to help you have the best snowboarding experience and surprise your family with your skills.

Snowboarding-A Smart Guide

1. Observe an expert: How hard can it be sliding off a hill on a piece of wood, right? Wrong. If you land on the wrong angle, you can become severely injured. This is why you should always observe an expert and get appropriate hands-on lessons. This way, you will get to know about things practically.

2. Wear warm clothing: People assume that climbing up a hill will be a sweaty activity and sometimes forego enough warm clothing. However, underestimating temperatures can ruin your experience and cause hypothermia because the icy wind hits you straight in the face as you descend the hill. What you need are thermal base layers on your body and an appropriate snowboarding jacket that shields you from the cold. To know more about the best snowboarding jackets, visit

3. Learn to fall: Beginners fall off a lot. You don’t need to be afraid of it.Learning to fall properly will save you from getting hurt and lower your inhibitions. When falling, avoid landing on your hands to break your fall, this can lead to a fractured wrist due to the sudden impact. Rather, keep your hands crossed across your chest.

4. Look Ahead: Snowboarders usually give into temptation and end up looking at the snow beneath the whole time. This is dangerous. To maintain balance, look in the direction of where you want to go because your body follows your eyes. Moreover, looking forward will help you learn to control and turn your board more desirably.

5. Edge Control: Learning to edge control will help you snowboard better. It involves digging the heels of your feet into the snow while your body faces downhill. Then start to release your heel and press down with your toes to make the board move downhill. To stop this, go back to pushing your heel.

6. Piste Symbols: Mountain slopes are graded to indicate how suitable they are for snowboarding. Green slopes are the easiest to snowboard and an ideal choice for beginners, while blue slopes are a bit steeper and have a bigger incline. Red slopes are the next in the difficulty level and are difficult blue slopes.

7. Enjoy:
Between all of this, remember to have fun because snowboarding is a recreational activity meant for you to enjoy. Don’t sweat over it, learn, and have fun with it. It might seem frustrating in the beginning, but you need to keep following the tips you have been told. And once it clicks, you will not get enough of it.

So on your trip, you don’t need to worry about failing at snowboarding. All you need to do is to remember these tips to have a great experience with your family and friends.

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