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Smartest graphic designs and affordable web presence to grow your brand image and sales

Brand-response starts with something way more strategic like the procedure of imagination, planning, and execution of electronic media content.

When you build your website, you must keep in mind that not only the tech people will use it, but also people from the older generation might have to use so anyone from any country or age-group will be able to navigate through it without any hassle.

Smartest graphic designs and affordable web presence to grow your brand image and sales

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There are two modes of a website’s existence

  1. Launching & Testing: When you are finding and proving the market. It could take months, or more if need be. This is the Flavour of your brand, your own story.
  2. Scaling & Maintenance: Respond very quickly to all clients and try to resolve their issue as soon as possible. Need to understand that even a minor problem will affect the business when you have a trying business and are beginning to scale or already scaling. This is your unique brand and plus tech plus sales tools.

If you are still trying to find your audience, then you need to focus on brand promises,story and SEO.

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If you want to make an impact, make a good one

Understand your userbase

User research is the most important thing for your business at this stage. It’s important to create content around your user base’s needs and you don’t know what those needs are until you do the research. This research helps you determine:

  • What kind of content to create.
  • How to present your message.
  • What kind of language to use when writing to your audience.
  • How to use imagery that resonates with your users.


The first step in the consumer building is seeing inspiring content. For example, there are many videos is for people who want to be inspired by visual imagery. They don’t want to buy anything, they just want to dream about what they could be.

THINKThis type of content is for people who want to learn something. The audience consists of people who play soccer and also want to play a better game, help their team win or find the right products to help them enhance their game. This type of content sets you up as a company that wants to help, and it can be used both on and off your site.



This Category of the video is meant to inspire action. This is for people who play soccer and know they need new shoes to play at their best. These people have been convinced of this need and want to make a purchase right now. This can be a separate video, or it can be a part of other videos.

The video is one of the best tools you have to do engage your audience, or not done as well as it could be. The video will do a few things for your website presence:

  1. Entertain, educate and create an emotion in the user.
  2. Speed up the sales cycle
  3. Increase time on page, which may have the added value of signaling to search engines that you’re meeting searchers’ needs.
  4. Increase retention and brand recall.

Creating credibility

Try to make leads come back to your site, it’s important to add elements that support your brand throughout the site.

 Examples include:

  • Customer reviews.
  • Reviews from professionals or industry leaders.
  • A list of how your products have been featured on other websites, in other videos, on podcasts or in any media that you don’t own.
  • An enumeration of the number of people who have used your services.
  • Images and graphics.

The difference between primary and secondary KPIs

Here is the difference between primary and secondary KPIs. The primary KPI is something that the user can access on your website which is available on site header or on a sidebar.

Here are some examples of primary KPI options:

  • Email sign-up form.
  • Request a phone call.
  • Free download of an asset
  • Purchases.

Secondary KPIs, are what you are measuring on the back end. These are things that you have goals for a without the user even being aware of them.

Here are some examples of secondary KPI options:

  • Watching x amount of a video.
  • Increased time on site
  • Social shares.
  • Click-through rates on advertisements.
  • Sales cycle patterns between first click and purchase.

Testing for conversion rate optimization

The important way of running a leading website is testing after you have done the other objectives first. Things that are important to test for CRO include:

  • Image types.
  • Copy.
  • Pop-up timing.
  • Button color.
  • CTA copy.


The beginning of your efforts from the point of view of a storyteller cannot be underestimated. Remember, the steps for creating the best lead-gen website are:

  • Understand your users.
  • Create credibility.
  • Segment your users, creatively.
  • Measure primary and secondary KPIs.
  • Segment the data into MQL and SQL leads or conversion states.
  • Testing.
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