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Small But Dangerous Mistakes That Compromise Your Cyber Security

You just never know when cyber criminals are going to attack, so it is best to be vigilant and careful at all times. People tend to underestimate the consequences of small mistakes online, and it’s important to always bear in mind that it will be your privacy and security that’s at stake because of these small errors.

Small But Dangerous Mistakes That Compromise Your Cyber Security Techicy

It’s hard for cyber criminals to access your accounts. However, they’ll find it easy to do so if you leave any holes for them to get into. If you want to keep your data and other private information safe, then you must avoid these common but costly mistakes.

Leaving Your Account Logged In On Public Devices 

If you are accessing your social media accounts or email on a public device, you must remember to log out the moment you step away from the computer. People tend to forget doing this simple task as some devices will immediately log out accounts once a browser is closed or a device is shut down.

Failing to log out means leaving your account out in the open for everyone else to tamper with. Hackers can get vital information from your messages and private information as well. Make it a habit to log out your accounts even from your own device just so you would never forget to do it when using public devices.

Accessing Public WiFi Without VPN 

Cyber criminals will find it a lot easier to get into the device of unsuspecting victims if they are connected to public WiFi. That’s why you must be careful when connecting to the WiFi at work, malls, cafes, etc.

By hacking into your device via public WiFi, cyber criminals can easily track your online activity. This means they’ll see any bank details and private information you input on other websites.

There are two ways to avoid this costly mistake. The first is to simply avoid connecting to public networks. Just use your own connection.

The second is to use a virtual private network (VPN) service. It encrypts all your data, so even if hackers get into your device, they will have to encrypt your activities first.

Using Simple Passwords 

The thing about passwords is that we tend to make them simple so that we don’t forget them. That is a big mistake as the more simple a password is, the easier it will be for hackers to crack it.

Make your passwords as complex as possible by using numbers, symbols, both lower and uppercase letters. Write it down on a piece of paper if you don’t want to forget it.

Also, avoid making passwords easy to guess by people you know. That means staying away from passwords related to birthdays, favorite shows, or even favorite colors. 

Clicking On Links Carelessly

Attacks can also be initiated by links which contain malware and other dangerous viruses. When browsing online, avoid clicking on any suspicious links, questionable websites, or suspicious email attachments.

If you want to see where the link leads to, simply hover over it with your mouse. If the link is a URL shortener such as, be sure to proceed with caution. 

Bottom Line

Keeping yourself safe online is a matter of how careful and vigilant you are. You are bound to make some mistakes from time-to-time, but it’s the small errors that have big consequences at times.

By avoiding the above mistakes, you’ll be able to lessen the risk of any threats to your cyber security.

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John Paul
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