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Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training – Get Prepared

The six sigma green belt online training is a course that is meant to provide students with knowledge of all aspects that involve the phases of D-M-A-I-C, six sigma tools and basic principles of lean management with real life applications. The key features of this course include:

Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training

  • 40 hours of training that is led by a skilled instructor. This is in order to give adequate training to the student on the fundamental principles of the course and the relevant applications.
  • 27 hours of superb quality e-learning content. This helps you familiarize with the content you are studying thus helping you with the basic content to give you a classic and high quality learning experience.
  • 4 real life projects to enable you to relate to what the course really entails. This will help you understand the course better as you will now know the real life applications.
  • 4 simulation test papers. This is to assist you to judge how far and how much you have grasped in relation to the course and its contents. This gauging process also enables you to come out of the training as a skilled and professional student.

In learning the six sigma green belt online training, the main course objectives include:

  • Becoming a key stakeholder in leading and implementing lean six sigma projects in your organization. By the end of the course you will become a professional in D-M-A-I-C, six sigma tools and standard principles of Lean management.
  • Describing how to identify an improvement project in the define phase
  • Explaining how to measure a process and a product in the measuring phase.
  • In order to perform the analysis of data and the testing of hypothesis in the analyze phase.
  • In order to help in the identification of the possible improvement actions for the performance of variations in the improve phase.
  • To help in defining efficient operating levels for the inputs and outputs found in the control phase.
  • In order to use DFSS tools such as Quality Function Deployment(QFD), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis(FMEA) and finally Risk Priority Number(RPN)

The lean six sigma green belt training is the best bet for organizations and companies that encourage their employees to undertake quality projects and also for them to ensure that there is great efficiency and cooperation in all the industry and business processes. This course is therefore most suited for individuals that are set to learn and practice all the lean six sigma principles. This includes; quality system managers, supervisors, engineers, auditors, analysts and managers. It is therefore advised that you take this course to better your skills in the field you have specialized in.

The lean six sigma green belt training involves six modules which include:

  1. The six sigma and organizational goals
  2. The define phase
  3. The measure phase
  4. The analyze phase
  5. The improve phase
  6. The control phase

This course has no prerequisites and you have to make efforts to clear the lean six sigma green belt certification exam conducted by IASSC in order to qualify. After this requirement, you will now be equipped with the right skills for the fields specialized.

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