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Silicon Valley Tech Employees Fear Failing Drug Tests After Using CBD

If you work in the tech industry, chances are that you get stressed out from time to time. Many tech employees are seeking alternative non-prescription ways to help them deal with the stress. One of which happens to be using CBD. According to this “CBD oil review“, you can use CBD isolates safely to pass drug tests. If you are one of these employees and you fear losing your job because you might fail a drug test, then I recommend you read this entire article and will help alleviate your active stress.

Fear Failing Drug Tests After Using CBD

This article will be looking at the CBD oil drug test, and answering key questions such as: Does CBD show up on a drug test? Can you fail a drug test due to CBD? And Can CBD be detected in a drug test? This article’s main focus will be CBD oil, however if you vape CBD then I recommend you to check out https://hotjuice.com and https://flawlesscbd.co.uk as their primary focus is CBD vape juice. Let’s begin answering your questions below.

We aim to give you short, succinct answers that will provide you with straightforward information that you can use and refer to Theihcc. Drug tests affect many different professions and situations, so establishing how CBD oils affect them is important.

Considering the fact that CBD oil is derived from hemp and marijuana, these questions are valid and important considerations for regular CBD users, as well as prospective customers who are wondering whether or not they should purchase some.

CBD oil legality varies from state to state. In the vast majority they are either completely legal, or are strictly available for medicinal use. If you are caught in a situation where you are in an area that it’s illegal, or perhaps you’re an athlete, it’s good know!

So without further ado, let’s find out the answers to the aforementioned questions, and start looking at the ins and outs of CBD oils in relation to drug tests.

Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test? – Yes Or No?

Let’s get into it, does CBD show on a drug test? The simple answer is no, or at least, it’s unlikely that it will. This is predominately down to the fact that traditional drug tests are not designed to search for CBDs, therefore, they may not pick up the drug.

Can You Fail A Drug Test Due To CBD?

Another important question in relation to the CBD oil drug test is: can you fail a drug test due to CBD? – that is, the regular drug test that seeks to ascertain whether or not you have illegal substances in your body. The answer to that question is:

Yes, if there is enough CBD within your system, and the test is primed to search for traces of CBD or THC. As you can see, it is dependent on many factors, and is unlikely, but there have been cases of people failing drug tests because of CBD use.

Can CBD Be Detected In A Drug Test?

Can CBD be detected in a drug test? The simple answer to this question is yes, although again, it is very, very unlikely. It would require the CBD user to be consuming vast amounts of the liquid every day, and even then, there is no guarantee either way.

Hemp products are required to have a minimum of 0.3% or less THC by law. This amount is significantly lower than the amount that people experience a ‘‘high’’ on. Since some tests are designed to search for traces of THC, it is possible that it can be detected.

One potential way users could get around this would be to limit the amount of CBD that they include when they vape. Since you are able to choose how much you put in (just like with regular e-juice products) this could potentially help to avoid it being detected.

In summary, it is clear that CBDs in the context of drug tests are only really important in states where it is not yet legal, and therefore, can prevent you from receiving medical care you need, as a result of having consumed it.

It is also an important consideration if you are an athlete with a strict drug policy that you have to follow (for instance, the WWE wellness policy is strict, and has given bans to professional wrestlers who failed their in-house drug tests).

The key thing here is to know exactly where it is legal, how it affects your profession, and whether or not it is a consideration that you need to make each, and every time that you consume CBD products.

With the current state of CBD oil legalization, the future looks positive and promising for the industry. It is likely that many more states will fully legalize it, especially considering the fact that it contains tiny amounts of THC, and is mainly used for its health benefits.

We hope that you found this article informative, and now have a clearer understanding of CBD oils in relation to drug tests. Our advice is to always conduct as make research as possible before you go through with any particular actions.

There are many different types of CBD products emerging every day, from the extensive range of flavors that are being created and released each day, to the different ways you can consume them (e.g. gummy candies). So why not try them out, and discover their benefits yourself?

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