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Should Commercial Laundry Businesses Use Automation on their Operations?

The rise of commercial laundry simply has skyrocketed due to its inherent advantages. It gives families especially on-the-go ones, a convenient way to do laundry without wasting any time, money, and effort.

Commercial Laundry Businesses

Commercial laundry is very far from its rich history. Due to its economic development, many people will say that its rich history is extraneous to its overall development. Believe it or not, back then, commercial laundry shops are built to support single men who can’t do their laundry. Nowadays, anyone can avail of it anywhere. You can visit to know how they can help you.

We much admire technological advancement, right? One tremendous example of that is commercial laundry. It is famously known as coin laundry, self-service laundry, coin wash, or laundromat. It is the same as a conventional commercial laundry shop. Automated commercial laundry shops still offer dry cleaning services and other laundry services just like your conventional laundry service provider. Still, the twist is no attendant because the laundry services are operated via a programmed machine.

In this article, I will discuss further the specifications of automated commercial laundry. Follow me until the end and decide if it is 100-percent advisable for commercial laundry businesses to automate their operation.

More Alternate Names for Self-service Laundry

Self-service laundry is commonly called lavanderia in the US. Launderettes in the UK, and laundromats in Canada and Switzerland. Some old speakers in the southern US call washateria.

Advantages of Automated Commercial Laundry Shops

Especially on this day, we are very cautious in our expenses. Whether you have a high-end washing machine or you are on an official trip, availing the convenient services of quality automated commercial laundry shops has its perks. All you need to do is pick up your laundry and walk into an automated commercial laundry shop– and voila, the job is done.

Most self-service laundry shops offer various laundry services like dry cleaning service, wash and fold laundry service, wash and iron laundry service, and many more. Regardless of your laundry resources, many people still prefer an automated commercial laundry shop.

Requires Less Effort

If you are always an on-the-go person, automated commercial laundry shops will be your new best friend! If you do not have the technical know-how in handwashing, commercial laundry shops will be your new favorite place. If you are also too lazy to use your washing machine, you can visit commercial laundry shops will be your most therapeutic place! Still, some people find doing their laundry satisfying. It seems odd, right? But that’s how they roll. Nevertheless, automated commercial laundry shops are perfect for the busy and lazy!

A Very Chill Way to do your Laundry

While your laundry is being done at the automated commercial laundry shop, you still can grab a cup of coffee, watch a film, do your grocery, or eat your favorite sloppy burger. It is way too convenient, right.

You Can Wash your Garments in a Bulk

Dryers and washers in a commercial laundry shop are usually larger than your washing machine at home. It means that you can do your laundry in a bulkier batch compared to home.

You Can Avail Other Services

Just like conventional commercial laundry shops, the services are still the same. Automated laundry shops even offer laundry pickup and delivery, wash and fold laundry service, and many more!

Use Lesser Water

One huge disadvantage of handwashing is your water usage is not optimized. There is a huge tendency that you will use too much water. But I am very pleased to say that it is not the case in laundry shops. Laundromats machines are highly efficient, and the water usage is optimized. Consequently, self-service laundry will save you a lot of money.

Optimal Power Usage

It is stated above that commercial laundry shops have efficient washing machines. Well, as a result, efficient washing machines will save you money because the power consumption is significantly lower compared to your conventional washing machine. Power optimization is the best advantage of automated commercial laundry shops.

You Can Access to Help

Even though it’s a self-service commercial laundry shop, it does not mean that there is no professional personnel present in the shop. Sometimes there is a professional staff to assist customers. So if next time, if you want to inquire someone on how to treat a specific stain, never hesitate to approach them!

Should Commercial Laundry Businesses Use Automation on Their Operations?

That question is way too tricky because there are several factors needed to be inculcated. Here are some factors:

  1. Consider your monthly income. This is crucial because the installation cost for laundry automation is very expensive. If your monthly income is not admirable, maybe forget automation.
  1. Consider your geographical location. Your location must be strategic because technological advancement is very complicated and costly.
  1. A reliable technician. Even though laundry automation companies have a technician, it is much advisable to have your on-call employee. Because most automated laundry shops operate 24/7, downtime due to some machine defects is commonly and repetitively occurring. Thus having a reliable technician is essential.
  1. Ask your regular customers. You must keep your customers posted, especially the regular ones. Ask them if they want automated laundry as an upgrade to your existing laundry business. Why? Because you might make an unnecessary improvement in your commercial laundry business, which is a waste of money. If your customers are already satisfied with your laundry services, then automation is not a top priority. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken.

The specific explanation above is a clear basis that automation in commercial laundry operations is a considerable boost. I get it. I get it.

Although many factors need to be taught and shifting from manual to automatic, it is still worth the investment because of the money that will be saved in the long run. Specifications aside, all you need to keep in mind is the installation cost, and yeah, you are good to go given that the installation company is highly credible and trustworthy.

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