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Shopify to Magneto Migration in 2021: The Definitive Guide

The optimum utilisation of correct resources leads to the perfect start of an eCommerce business. When choosing between Shopify and Magento, the two leading online platforms, the latter has a marginal lead in this arena. With the distinctive features, development opportunities, visual customisation options and categorised services, eCommerce Magento development beats its competitors in the long run. So, for any business that has been planning Shopify to Magento migration, here is the step-by-step procedure.

Shopify To Magento Migration: Preliminary Steps

Before starting the migration process, it is essential to cover two parts of the process at the earliest. The longer one waits to migrate, the more unnecessary expenses he bears on the Shopify platform. And for detailed assistance in the procedure, click here to contact the professionals in this field. Get A-to-Z supervision from the best service provider. But before that, it is crucial to know how it works.

Shopify To Magento Migration

Transfer files, database, themes, and all other essential files from Shopify to Magento easily!

#Preliminary Step 1: Get the prerequisite software tools, including Apache, PHP and MySQL. Then install the Magento software to integrate it with all the imperative tools. If the task seems tricky, get the help of an expert service provider.

#Preliminary Step 2: Back up all the files and database on the Shopify store account. Again, the selected service provider would take care of it.

Once this part of the Shopify to Magento migration, it is necessary to choose between the two ways of completing the procedure. The first is doing it all manually, and the second is hiring a service provider to get it all done.

Shopify To Magento Migration: The Manual Procedure

The manual migration process is possible with two alternatives. One can either do it all by himself or take the assisting help of a migration tool. Nonetheless, it will require the owner’s involvement to the fullest!

Use The Old Transfer Method

Before relying upon this process, it is essential to know that this method is only feasible when the Shopify e-store does not have more than 9000 rows. Anything above that will not be transferable manually without the help of an export tool on Shopify. Here are all the steps to follow for the Shopify to Magento migration.

  • Review all the existing files and data on the Shopify store to screen out the essential ones.
  • For instance, sort out products, customer databases, categories, coupons, manufacturers, order history, etc.
  • Classify the chosen files into two categories.
  • Make the first with all the data that are transferable CSV (Comma Separated Value) files.
  • The second will consist of all the data types that are supported by Magento to import as CSV files.
  • Once done, export all the data from Shopify to the CSV files folder. Ensure not to choose any file above the 9000-row limit.
  • Now go to the created Magento store, go to the System option, and select the Dataflow profiles from the Import/Export section.
  • Import all the CSV files to the Magento dashboard.

This process may remain incomplete if one has files that cross the limit. Also, some databases are not exportable to CSV files. Therefore, hiring professional help is the best solution to avoid the hassle.

Use Any Reliable Migration Tool

  • Contact any of the eligible technical companies offering the migration tool service.
  • The technician or customer service provider will get in touch to explain the process.
  • If not clear, follow the manual or descriptive procedure explained in the tool kit to perform the Shopify to Magento migration.
  • Again, using a tool may speed up the process or even make it automated, but one has to sit through it to get it done.

Therefore, the best and most convenient option is to hire a service provider instead of paying money for the tool and share the burden. Get the best-in-class service and migrate to the well-integrated platform easily!

Shopify To Magento Migration: Hiring A Service Provider

Understanding the technicalities of Shopify to Magento migration and performing them with extreme precision is not a one night’s job. It requires knowledge, skills and progressive methods to establish a new e-store with the old database. Here are a few tips to find the best service provider and get the job done.

  • Choose a digital marketing expert or migration service provider to look after all the technical aspects.
  • Pick the one offering the best services at reasonable prices with a genuine customer review.
  • Coordinate with the company representatives to discuss the details.
  • Keep an eye on the migration process to ensure everything is going as per the planned process.

Shopify to Magento migration becomes a convenient and hassle-free procedure with the help of a dependable service provider. One can also ensure setting up the new e-store on Magento perfectly without any glitches or flaws. Analyse the market availability through a statistical screening process to make an informed decision. Commence the new eStore journey today!

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