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Sergey Tokarev About Ukrainian Military Tech: Ukraine Gets Well-Armored To Stand Against Russia

Being in the midst of pain and destruction, Ukraine has been struggling for its freedom and integrity. The combat is expressed through various aspects, including IT. But the growing trend now is the development of military technology. It has become a pressing necessity for Ukrainians to defend their lives by developing drones, electronic warfare systems, and analytics systems. Sergey Tokarev, the Founding Partner of the tech company Roosh, shared the ongoing changes in military technologies.

Sergey Tokarev About Ukrainian Military Tech

Ukraine develops its own military tech

Now, Ukrainians are widely using new technologies and have come to upgrade the old weapons dating from USSR. As Sergey Tokarev underlines, they modernize the old drones, which are now able to fly over 1,200 km without being noticed by Russian air defense systems. Nevertheless, Ukrainians do not quit creating new things capable of preventing danger. For example, a cheap and advanced air defense system was developed to detect Russian Shahed drones at an early stage by sound.

Among other big achievements in developing military technologies is the launch of the military tech cluster announced by Mykhailo Fedorov, the Minister of Digital Transformation. Also, the development of drones is the most rapid in the tech military as it has shown many advantages. For example, a UAV can hit any object without risking people’s lives. Sergey Tokarev mentions the Ukrainian project Army of Drones, due to which 20 million hryvnias were allocated to purchase professional unmanned drones made in Ukraine.

Another valuable contribution to developing military tech is the development of remote-control technologies like unmanned tanks and small jet UAVs. They are relatively more expensive, but they can save the lives of qualified professionals. Another product is still under development and will be highly useful on the battlefield. It will allow one to hide a box with a “swarm” of drones under the ground on the battlefield. And once opened under certain conditions, it will attack and destroy the enemy with the help of small charges.

When it comes to the use of robots on the battlefield, Sergey Tokarev thinks it is not the time for them yet because they are not effective enough for it. The businessman notes that the war can be long and Ukrainians must always be well-armored to stand up against the aggressor state and develop their own military technologies.

IT joins forces in military tech development

The military sector needs help in creating “smart” and advanced technologies. That is why Tokarev encourages IT specialists to join the defense mission and participate in developing military tech. Some specialists are already engaged in some processes like developing unmanned drone control systems, electronic warfare systems, and analyzing satellite images.

Such an incentive comes from Sergey Tokarev in person. He is involved in related areas like financial and organizational. However, his company Roosh is not involved in military projects. In particular, the entrepreneur underlines the importance of using analytical tools for better security. He believes the future belongs to analytics.

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