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SEO Strategies To Increase Web Traffic

The success of any online business is solely dependent on web traffic. The thing is, if you’re not attracting any visitors to your site, chances are that no one knows of your existence. This will make it harder for your online business to survive the tough competition. Increasing your website traffic can mean a lot of things to your business. It will be the starting point to expanding your business, diversifying your products, hiring more staff, and ultimately expanding your business in new locations.

 SEO Strategies To Increase Web Traffic

But it’s not just about increasing web traffic. Come to think about it, you may have the numbers but have nothing to show for it. You, therefore, need to think of converting these leads into sales by increasing the quality of your web traffic. Your main focus should be on increasing traffic from a targeted audience. Among the most effective ways, you can reach your target audience involves utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing strategies. This is the cornerstone of any successful modern e-commerce business.

To help you out, below are actionable SEO strategies to increase web traffic.

1. Link Optimization

Let’s face it, the links on your site will be of no use if no one clicks on them. It’s very important to be mindful of how you place your links, how they appear, and their functions. Over the past few years, much has changed regarding backlinks. Presently, you need to invest in high-quality links from influential sites. Link building is still an effective SEO strategy to drive traffic to your site. When done successfully, backlinks will allow you to rank better in search engines and drive more traffic to your site.

Among the most effective link building strategies you can utilize to increase web traffic include:

  • Guest blogging/blogger outreach – This is perhaps the oldest link building strategy and yet the most effective. Extending your content to websites with high domain authority will allow you to build your brand authority and trust. In addition to this, it will also help you to gain referral traffic while at the same time improving your S
  • Peeking at your competitors’ links – You’ll, of course, want to know what your competitors are up to. In doing this, you’ll create links that are similar or relevant in value. It will also allow you to explore other ways to create quality backlinks
  • Utilizing Paid SEO backlink tools – These are simply tools that allow you to monitor how your links are performing. As the article from SEOJet entitled The 16 Best Backlink Checkers – Free and Paid SEO Backlink Tools explains, a backlink checker tool will be useful in determining the links that are affecting your reputation, protect your site from negative SEO publicity, and notify you of complaints about your website. To add on this, paid SEO backlink tools will also help you perform a backlink audit in ensuring that the site you’re working on is in good shape.

2. Relying On High-Quality Content

 SEO Strategies To Increase Web Traffic

Publishing high-quality content on your website is what will set your website apart from the rest. Content plays a vital role in your website because it can be shared on multiple platforms, and you know what this means in return. In addition to this, Google has become particularly keen when it comes to the quality of content published on most websites. This is one of the defining factors that can affect your rankings on search engines. But this is not enough to drive traffic to your site. Among the things that you can do to ensure that your content will attract more traffic would be to optimize your content for search. In addition to this, you can also integrate internal links every time you publish new content. Promoting your content on the various social media platforms will also work well in attracting the desired traffic to your site.

3. Take Advantage of Long-Tail Keywords

This is a great SEO strategy that will help towards increasing quality traffic to your site. The best thing about utilizing long-tail keywords is that they are more specific and to the point. It will also be much easier to optimize your posts and improve your blog strategies with long-tail keywords. Today, internet users are very specific when searching for various products or services. The main advantage of using long-tail keywords to increase traffic to your site is that Google will tie up the long tail search terms with ‘head’ keywords on the search results. This will also help towards boosting your rankings on the search engine.

4. Ensure That Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

 SEO Strategies To Increase Web Traffic

While it’s a great idea to invest in an aesthetically appealing website, it will be of little service to mobile users who cannot access it. With the number of online shops increasing by the minute, savvy consumers have turned to their smartphones when searching for product information and when comparing prices. In fact, mobile devices are now being used more than conventional computers when accessing the internet. This means that the vast majority of web traffic comes from mobile users.

To take advantage of the mobile traffic, below are proven strategies to optimize your site for mobile SEO:


  • Utilize a responsive web design – A responsive website is designed to detect the user’s screen orientation and will automatically adjust itself accordingly. This makes it easier for those with smaller screens to access your site without needing to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Boost your site’s loading speeds – This is an important element in web creation and it has an impact on the traffic your website generates. The faster your page loads, the more likely users will want to come back.
  • Utilize attractive CTAs – Also known as the call to action buttons, CTAs will prompt users to take action. When strategically placed, CTAs can help visitors to navigate easily on your website.
  • Invest in mobile advertising – The number of mobile users is expected to continue growing. Mobile advertising will help with your marketing strategies and in addition to this, help in reaching your audience right from where they are.

There you have it. Increasing traffic to your site is never an easy topic and there are certain things you’ll not be able to accomplish on your own. Hiring an expert SEO company that provides high-quality link-building service may be a great approach especially when you don’t have the expertise to self-evaluate your SEO strategies. Using the above pointers, however, you’ll be able to know the areas in your strategies that need to be worked on in increasing traffic to your site.

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