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SEO Hacks To Improve Your Website Development

Are you thinking of designing a new website or simply redesigning your current website? Think SEO!

Many business owners are not aware of this but it is true and proven that with a strong SEO strategy in place, your business is more likely to be visible online.  It is good to ensure your website is SEO friendly to enable a search engine to navigate easily and to understand the content you publish. However, this cannot be achieved without careful plans.

SEO Hacks To Improve Your Website Development

It is good to note that, a strong website design is crucial when it comes to ensuring the success of your business on the internet today. However, if your website cannot be ranked well on the search engines, its visibility online will not be achieved thus few people will be able to recognize your business. It is good to ensure you put more efforts and consider some of the basic SEO principles on your website development to enable your business to be seen by many potential customers online.

This article presents 5 best SEO tips to help you design an SEO friendly website. you may also read Google Algorithm Updates in December

  1. Place anchor texts on your content

It is recommended to make use of anchor text on your content, however, during your website development process, as you publish your content, you should know where to place your anchor text. Every website developer knows what anchor text is, although few make use of it, if you are still not aware of what anchor text is, it is the sentence or characters that you place on your content which when your site visitors click, they are redirected to another web page.

Anchor text enables visitors to get the information they are looking for easily on your site.

However, you should ensure your anchor text contains keywords and phrases that are in line with your niche or business industry. An example of anchor text for a business on the car manufacturing industry could be “Find more information about vehicle spare parts quotes”. Here, your site visitor will be taken to a page where you have listed your vehicle spare parts quotes which will make it easy for them to compare your quotes with other sellers. Note that excessive use of anchor text is not advisable.

  1. What about your domain name?

In the past few years, you could be shocked when you search on the web of the different websites that have funny domain names. However, after more information has been made available concerning SEO friendly websites, many website designers have changed the way they design websites. Experts recommend that your website should have a domain name that is clear of what your business is all about. This implies that your website should have a domain name relevant to your business. If you are a freelance writer, your domain name should be relevant to freelance writing. This will help to improve your site’s SEO. Many people believe that placing keywords in your domain name can boost your website’s SEO but it can sometimes make your domain name awkward.


The list is not comprehensive as there are numerous SEO tips that when implemented in your site, your business success is more likely to be enhanced and more internet users will be able to find your business online when they search terms that are relevant to your business.

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John Paul
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